I need your prayers now! For a holy wife and my loneliness

Hi it’s John , I am asking for all of you to sincerely pray for me . I truly need your prayers and GOD’S HELP AND BLESSING .Merry Christmas week . I have been very lonely . I spent Christmas day alone . I had no girlfriend or date in 9 months or more . HEAR MY PRAYER LORD ! I sincerely want someone special in my life . I want a catholic and christian woman .I would like her to either be a new person or an ex girlfriend renewed and with a change of heart . LORD ANSWER MY PRAYER ! LORD HEAR MY PRAYER AND ANSWER IT . IF IT BE THY WILL FATHER ! THANK YOU FATHER , IN JESUS’S NAME , AMEN . Everyone thank you for hearing me and praying for me . God Bless You all . / John:)

im praying for you . have a happy new year.

I think it’s better for you to have a review of yourself before the right time comes… like your own characters and lifestyle habits??
God will definately hear your prayers and given His own time, He wil give you when the time is right in His eyes…
Don’t feel lonely… Try to involve yourself in church activities and meet new friends. Life isn’t about Girlfriends or without having a girl by my side to care for me for more than 9months or whatsoever, but it’s about knowing yourself and live a peaceful and happy life with friends and family members.

I’ll be praying for you brother. :slight_smile:

I’m asking God to find me a holy woman to be my wife also. Let us ask God to use this time of alone to bring us closer to him, and to make us more holy so that we might be prepared for the blessed sacrament that awaits us (if and when it be his will).

Take care and do not despair,


I am and will pray for you… But please remember that often God’s answers aren’t always the ones we want to hear.

Could you have a vocation to the priesthood?
If not, have you considered using a dating service such as eharmony.com?

When I was alone at Christmas (before I stopped going to Church) I helped out at the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen and joined them for their Sunday Day Mass and Dinner after helping out once (after going to Midnight Mass) and another time I got invited to a family’s Christmas celebration from a parish I was going to.

Have you thought of doing one of those?

And, How comforable are you being by yourself? Have you tried going on a silent retreat?

I hope one of these help.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

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