I need your prayers

Hello all, I just submitted my application to the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope. I have been waiting for Sr. Rosalind Moss to finish her formation before I sent it in. Please pray that things turn out well. Also I do have a small amount of debt and a new car I need to get rid in order to enter. Thanks so much for your prayers. :slight_smile:

I had forgotten all about this order. They look very beautiful. Didn’t you enter the Felician Sisters at one point, or am I confusing you with someone else?

Regardless, you have my prayers. :slight_smile:

Prayers offered.:slight_smile:

Yes I was a Felician postulant for about 8 months but left because I did not feel it was the right community for me :o Thank you both for your prayers

You’re in my prayers !

I’ve seen most all of Rosalind Mosses programs on EWTN.


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