I need your sound advice


I have been working in a church on a part-time basis. I work for a living, but sometimes I do things for the parish. I try to work hand-in-hand with my parish priest because I feel that he has the last word for things. Now, I have been organizing things mainly lunches for my Mass. I have gotten compliments for the most part. I have been able to achieve a high enrolment in some of these lunches. In general, it works very well. I have done this for a few years now and I’m good at it. I also read for the Mass. Now, some of the volunteers at Mass are culturally different than I and that doesn’t bother me. I believe that we are God’s kids and we are the same for that reason. However, there are misinterpretations due to cultural differences on how we say things etc. When there are misinterpretations of some kind, what is the church rule about it? I try to come to a common ground with people and if they don’t do their share, I have to deal with the problem another way. What does the bible say about conflict? Do you know this off hand? What if people don’t cooperate and don’t try to find a common ground? Why do they hold grudges and sulk if they’re volunteering for a Mass? Why aren’t they stronger in their beliefs than those sitting on benches? Are they supposed to be stronger? Now, I have had to deal with different customs and relationships with these people are so difficult because of the cultural differences? How can a parish member deal with difficult people within the church system? What is the church rule on it? Can I deal with the priest about it? How should we behave in a church?


<< However, there are misinterpretations due to cultural differences on how we say things etc. >>

What “cultural misinterpretations” are you talking about?

You also need to get over your notion that is it somehow “your Mass.” Wrong. It’s the CHURCH’S Mass.

I have no idea what is being asked. :shrug:


Thanks for your replies.

What is a lunch for a Mass?

Could you give us an example of a misinterpretation due to cultural differences. Sounbds like you got your feelings hurt-Ive been there myself but a specific example would help.

I’m not sure we sprechen zie the same lingity…what are you going on about?


I want to thank you for your replies. I found a way out. I talked with the priest of the parish and all is well now. Thanks for responding anyhow.


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