I need your views


I am doing an essay on homosexuality.

As a catholic myself, I have managed to write a lot on why homoesexuality is wrong, but I am required to write an equal amount on why it is, in a sense, right. i.e different interpretations of scriptures, modern interpretation etc.

Apologies if this is the wrong forum…!

Apologies also about the ‘beginners’ language… Religious Studies grammer is not my strong point!



Hi there. I’m not sure what your question is.


Could you give us a little more information?

What exactly is the topic?

"Homosexuality’ is far too broad a topic for an essay.

How about your topic sentence? (or whatever they call it nowadays that gives a brief summary of what your essay proposes to cover).


lol Sorry, just read that back and realised i didn’t actually ask a question… I just need people’s views/ideas on why homosexuality could be accepted in today’s society and why it shouldn’t be such a negative issue.

To clarify, i’m not stating wheter or not i agree with homosexuality as i don’t want an argument, just ideas!



‘Do the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church justify the
negative treatment of homosexuals in today’s society?’

As I said, equal amounts for and against have to be given.


‘Do the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church justify the
negative treatment of homosexuals in today’s society?’

As I said, equal amounts for and against have to be given.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph defend us.

If you have been given this topic in a Catholic school, I would have your parents demand to speak to the principal NOW.

If you have been given this topic in a PUBLIC school, I would have your parents demand to speak to the principal NOW. . .and line up your parish priest, your bishop, and (in a deliciously ironic twist) the ACLU because this topic is clearly VERBOTTEN in that it interferes with your free exercise of religion according to the Constitution. Where, oh where, is the essay on how ‘negative treatment’ can be ‘justified’ due to EVANGELICAL teachings? How about just plain Christian teachings? How about MUSLIM teachings (they BEHEAD homosexuals, for crying out loud.) How about–here is a stretch–how about the CONSTITUTION and the LAW of the United States???

Further, it could be considered as libelous in that it appears to argue that ‘negative treatment’ of homosexuals (so broadly implied) have come about because of the ‘teachings of the Roman Catholic church’–and NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

Myself, I’d refuse to do the essay on the ground that it offended my religious beliefs (it does), as well as offending my sense of reason (it is poorly worded and reflects badly on the education of whomever came up with it).


Now that I’ve said a quick “Our Father” to calm down somewhat. . .

Seriously, that statement is incredibly offensive–what was your teacher THINKING?

He or she is pretty much claiming that because Roman Catholics (as if this is PURELY a “Romish invention) think homosexuality is wrong, 'homosexuals in the U.S. have been treated negatively.”

That statement alone is offensive and incorrect.

Further, rather than allowing you to discuss the topic freely, he or she is INSISTING that you give ‘equal time’ to an ‘opposing’ view.

In other words, having already set up a FALSE statement, he or she is going to make you DEFEND that false statement as part of equal treatment.

So even if you try to claim that the statement is false, you ‘have’ to give ‘equal’ VALUE to the claim that it is true.

Welcome to ‘tolerance 101’ and ‘using one’s REASON’, and ‘thinking for yourself.’

Again, I personally would refuse and point out that forcing somebody (you) to defend a false statement as TRUE is not ‘education’ but indoctrination, bullying, and flat out ‘false witness’.


Thank you for your views :slight_smile: I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

To be honest, i don’t really know what to say to that… it’s a lot to take in!


Take your time. . .:slight_smile:

And God bless you. I’m off now but I’ll be praying for you especially tonight. I have kids who went through what passes for a ‘good education’ nowadays (the eldest currently in grad school) but even her worst ‘honors’ course didn’t have as blatantly biased an ‘agenda’ as this ‘topic’ reflects.

We did a lot of ‘outside’ learning to correct the misinformation from the educational system. I kept thinking it couldn’t get much worse, and parents don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ too much lest their children suffer for it–but in looking back, I wish I had made many more waves and been more outspoken then. . .and so do many of my fellow ‘moms’ who have been through the tyranny of ‘modern educational methods’ as well.

Again, God bless you and keep you.


I also would refuse to write such an essay. There’s no way in Hell I could in good conscience even pretend to defend something so offensive to God.


Speaking as a practicing Catholic who tries her best to uphold and defend the faith, as a “cradle” Catholic who has fallen even more in love with Christ and our Church as she has gotten older and prayed for God’s gift of Faith and Grace, speaking as a sinner, who has fallen under the temptations of lust, among many others, speaking as a friend of practicing homosexuals, even those who have abandoned me because of my profession of love for Christ, the Eucharist and his Church that gives us His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, I pray that you might be able to pray and understand God and what I have come to understand about God, his Love, Mercy and Saddness for our sins.
Some of my Catholic Brothers and Sisters who are more versed in appologetics might be able to help me out here, I believe that Pope John Paul II wrote, Theology of the Body??? If you want to find the “Catholic Perspective” on all things having to do with Human Sexuality, I’d start there before just brainstorming on CAF.
The Catholic Answers page has this on the Catholic perspective on Homosexuality as well:
As a Catholic who had a hiatus from the Church and came back, many of my practicing Homosexual friends demanded that I justify to them why, in the exact words of one in particular, “you would willingly join or belong to any club or organization that would not accept me for who I am.” I was maybe 20 at the time. This was a HS buddy of mine. We had weathered abusive family issues together. Mine due to familial dysfunction, his due to familial dysfunction and his sexuality. Even in HS I would go with him to “Support Groups” for homosexual teenagers. At that young of an age, I had problems with the adults in the group, teaching the adolescents to solely identify themselves with their sexuality. I was friends with this particular individual since before sexuality was an issue. I was friends with him because he made me laugh, he was kind and caring and all of the things that a young adolescent, early pubescent person looks for in a friend. I shared with him my thoughts that this group was missing the point, I shared with the group that I thought that they were missing the point. If the world was going to persecute Homosexuals because of their choice to live a homosexual lifestyle, than why identify with only that part of your personality, why not let the world know about all of the gifts one has to offer to the world instead of focusing on just that one.
That boils down to the issue that everyone has with sexuality in general. It isn’t just about Sex and “feeling good.” Any time you separate sexuality from the rest of the person, you focus it on just the feeling, just the flesh, not the person, not the spirituality, you’re missing the point. It is so easy in today’s world to think that one is, hetero or homosexual, connecting with someone on a spiritual level when engaged in expressing their sexuality. It isn’t until one receives the Sacrament of Marriage, that that spiritual connection, as witnessed by the Church (family and friends who believe), and God (through the intercession of a Priest connected to the first priest through the Pope) is true, strong and viable, alive. God gave humanity our sexuality as a gift to be given to the One person He chose for another to love as God has intended that person to be loved, that is a great gift and responsibility. To truly be open in the expression of that love, there needs to be an openness to one another and God’s will, the creation of human life. Therefore God asks all unmarried to remain Chaste, to save themselves for the one God has chosen for us, or to offer up our suffering to Christ as penance.
I hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your response. I can identify with the whole friend thing, as one of my close friends is homosexual and i’ve had exactly the same discussion with him.
I’ll take a look at the link and hopefully it will help.
Thanks again.:slight_smile:


Wait, wait, wait… wasn’t that the topic sentence written by the OP? I don’t think that was the assignment as given by the teacher.

The OP was asked to provide his topic sentence, not the prompt provided by the teacher.

RM7121… was that sentence your own topic sentence, or a prompt given you by the teacher? What was the assignment as stated by your teacher?

If I am wrong, then Tantum ergo is right to be upset.


I recently heard about a new DVD and book called “Because the Bible tells me so” that is about a Christian couple who have a gay child. I have not seen the DVD or read the book (though I hope to as it sounds interesting). I think one of the tenets of both is that some things have been mistranslated/misinterpreted making them appear more anti-homosexual than they originally were - don’t quote me - I just heard a very little and don’t know for sure. But it might give you another perspective that would include alternate interpretations of scripture. BTW- I assumed that the OP was in college. As a Master’s student, I know it is often required to do research on all viewpoints as an intellectual exercies.


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