‘I never wanted to be gay’: Christian musician comes out


Why is this news? This is just someone pandering to the LGBT agenda. Garbage.


God could make someone gay for two reasons. One is so that he embraces the desire. The other is so that he is made holy by resisting the desire. Given the witness of Holy Scripture and tradition I think Christians can safely conclude regarding same sex attractions it is for the second reason.


Trey Pearson’s letter seems very heartfelt to me and addresses something that he’s been struggling with for much of his life. Why be so unkind and dismiss it as “garbage”?


Some Christians might conclude that, but many no longer do.

It also makes God sound rather cruel to suppose that He imposes heavy burdens on some people to make them holy whether they want to have that burden or not while not imposing heavy burdens on others and allowing them to live easy and mostly carefree lives.


Many, maybe most in the West, no longer consider masturbation, fornication or divorce sinful either. Individuals can conclude whatever they want to but the constant teaching of the Church holds true.

I think God imposes burdens on us all. Those burdens are different for each. Whether a burden is heavy is subjective. Our perception could be based, in part, on how much we want to truly avoid sin. Many people who seem to have easy lives don’t. Some just accept their sufferings quietly.


Exactly my thoughts. Like I said, he seemed to have a faulty view of sexual orientation from the beginning believing it’s something you choose. Im curious to see if this situation would change if like you said they strike the balance.

Interesting detail I caught in the article is that he tried to live up to the Biblical standard of David and Jonathan as the ideal platonic friendship between males. He was definitely a Bible reader to pick up on that and shows he definitely didn’t take it lightly.


Nobody chooses to be a pedophile. One must resist the temptation to act on their feelings.

We live in a fallen world where sin has perverted the designs God has for us. We must seek truth in charity.


Maybe, but the proponents of homosexuality have been using this relationship as an example of homosexuality in the Bible. They’ve been trying to say this was a homosexual relationship. Of course orthodox Christians have refuted the homosexual claim and been saying it was just a close friendship. So if you’ve encountered the pro homosexual arguments you might have an awareness of this relationship that you would otherwise not have.


Both proving and refuting that David and Jonathan were in a homosexual relationship are impossible. We just don’t have enough historical evidence to make any claim one way or the other.


Except that God would have brought it to the attention of David and Jonathan that they were committing a great sin if they were in a homosexual relationship.


God never seems to have brought the fact that Abraham was doing something wrong by practicing polygamy and being married to his half-sister (i.e. incest). So why should we assume that God would bring this to David’s attention? Or maybe He didn’t think it was a sin. :wink:


On a personal level, I think that’s fair. On the level of the faith community, though, it would have been much easier if there were other individuals living a live of faith with same-sex attraction. Or if that option had been discussed whenever that subject was preached about. The author seemed like he made a sincere attempt to live in accord with his community, and the fact that he went straight from closeted to out loud and proud would imply there was no option in between.

That’s a statement that carries with it a lot of assumptions. I am, by nature, rather cowardly. I also struggle with chastity and have a temper. I think most of us would agree that these aren’t virtues. Did God make me a coward or he did he allow that me to be born with that trait. There is a world of difference between actively willing something and passively allowing it for a greater good? Either way, knowing that I have this trait, should I accept that this is my reality or should I strive to greater virtue?

The question, then, isn’t whether God “made him this way” but rather this element of his person-hood is something that should be nurtured and encourage or something which causes him to aspire towards virtue.

But of course if you have that understanding that either you’re straight, and not a sinner, or gay, and by definition a sinner, then things get tricky. That’s why communities who espouse an orthodox view on sexuality need to be willing to advocate and model what it means to be attracted to the same-sex but to live a holy life.


Faulty reasoning. The laws against polygamy were not revealed in Abraham’s time, nor were the laws against incest. The OT is the gradual shaping of a people in God’s laws, culminating in His son, who unveiled the fullness of the Truth. The laws against homosexual acts have been “on the books” since OT times, there’s no getting away from them.


As someone who was raised Baptist, my experience is that many conservative Protestants think that having same-sex attraction by itself is a sin. That’s why they often support reparative therapy groups and believe that people with SSA can become straight if they pray hard enough.


I follow a lot of Christian music. I’ve seen a lot of concerts I’ve never heard of this guy.

But now, he’s famous…


I am sure many men never wanted to be tempted by adultery or pornography, but hey, boys will be boys.:shrug:

The notion that the only insurmountable cross deserving of support is same sex attraction is nonsense and dismissive of the challenges we all face in the way we were made.


The focus on same-sex attraction misses the point. Mr. Pearson is an adult male with a family. He has a wife and children that he made a commitment to. Being an adult means you can’t just dump your commitments to follow your own bliss. He’s leaving his wife and children so that he can gratify his sexual desires. Whether that is with a man or a 20 year old stripper is irrelevant. Most men have to do things they don’t love because they have a responsibility to their family. It may be a job they hate, it may be staying with your wife when can’t seem to lose the pregnancy weight gain, or it may be not being able to play poker all night with your buddies and having to take your daughter to dance class instead, but as a man, that’s what you do. I’m old enough to remember when self denial was considered a virtue; no longer, apparently.


Nowhere in his letter does Mr. Pearson say that he is going to leave is wife and children to gratify his sexual desires or that he no longer thinks that he has any responsibilities towards his wife and children. It says:

While I regret the way I was taught to handle this growing up, how much it has hurt me and the unintentional pain I have brought Lauren, I wouldn’t have the friendship I now have with her, and we wouldn’t have our two amazing, beautiful children. But if I keep trying to push this down it will end up hurting her even more.

I am never going to be able to change how I am, and no matter how healthy our relationship becomes, it’s never going to change what I know deep down: that I am gay. Lauren has been the most supportive, understanding, loving and gracious person I could ever ask for, as I have come to face this. And now I am trying to figure out how to co-parent while being her friend, and how to raise our children.


So, he’s not planning on moving out of his home and entering into romantic and sexual relationships with persons other than his wife? It certainly doesn’t say that anywhere in the letter.

I never said that he renounced his responsibilities to his wife (former?) and children, but as any child of divorce can tell you, his ability to fulfill those responsibilities while living in another house and focusing his time exploring other romantic endeavors is going to seriously impact his ability to. His wife and children will pay a price for his selfish desires. Whether those desires involve other men or other women is irrelevant to the discussion.


There is no way you would take that position if he announced he likes 20 year olds now and since his wife is 30 they are going to learn to be friends and co parent together!?:rolleyes:

It’s good to know his Twitter is full of “love wins” tweets.

I actually have heard of him. But not as a single artist. He is I. The band everyday Sunday. They had one soccer mom hit on the radio played from about 6 am to 8 am in the mornings called wake up! Wake up! The song is not lyrically impressive but it is not without talent. The music sounds good. But the video shoots like a gap/ Abercrombie commercial. So it’s not with complete suprise…

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