I no longer feel that I am in hell!


I have posted on this site a few weeks ago that I had a feeling that I was already in hell because of my mental illness and the fact that the voices are telling me that I was in that place of eternal punishment. But after doing reality checks, praying wholeheartedly, and reflecting, I realized that I am not in that place of torment and I am still very much alive. I want to thank everyone who had positive things to say to me and for the encouragement. Having a mental illness is tough but I know that with God’s grace I can survive it.


mslizzie, I’m going to hold you very special in my prayers. It must be terribly difficult to live w/ that kind of mental illness. I have a panic disorder, which is nowhere near your struggle I am sure, but I can relate to you in the sense of having a mental illness. So many people don’t understand what it is like or accuse people like us of wanting attention or making our symptoms up… it’s hard when people don’t get it.

I am just so glad that you are feeling better this week. I hope that God blesses you and you keep getting better. :flowers:


I’m glad you are doing better. May God continue to care for you and heal you.


May St.Dympha, patron of those battling depression, help keep you in a good place as well.


I’m happy to hear you’re feeling more positive and more peaceful.


Liz, I remember your previous thread, and I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing better. :smiley:


I purchased the Saint Dymphna necklace and I have been wearing it everyday. I am planning to have it blessed by a priest this weekend.


Hi mslizzie. I’m glad you are feeling better. Remember, if things seem dark again, you can be a light for someone else and you will come out of it. Stay positive and God Bless, Tim


Thanks, everyone. I hope and pray that it will continue this way. It feels good to be positive and happy once and for all. I am taking things one day at a time and I am not worrying too much.


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