I Now Prounouce You Chuck and Larry- new Adam Sandler movie PLUS


According to article in newspaper, Sandler and Universal sought advice from GLAAD and a gay advocacy group pronounce it A-OK.

I suppose the implication is that if GLAAD says a movie is okay, then it must be bad.

In any case, the two stories seem unrelated.

It is just that this is going to be a comedy geared to the 12-30 year old age group and showing the life style in a good light.

The media has been trying to display the homosexual lifestyle in a positive light for quite some time. It is no longer shocking or taboo for two men, or two women, to be involved in some act of sexuality in the visual media. This society has been de-sensitized and indoctrinated to believe that there is nothing wrong with it, or that it is completely natural and beautiful. Now, this movie, IMHO, is now trying to show same-sex marriage in that very same positive light. This is one of the hot-beds of political controversy in this country. So, why not de-sensitize the masses to same-sex marriage, indoctrinating them into thinking that there isn’t anything wrong with it, and then try and push an amendment allowing the practice.

I think Hollywood knows exactly how to push the buttons, and we all need to stop them.

Saw the trailers - Chuck and Larry are straights who hook up as a gay couple.
Seems the big laughs are how they respond to female parts waved in their “gay” faces. One trailer I saw on tv (your kids are seeing this, folks!) had a barely-dressed “babe” pointing to her breasts and telling Adam Sandler, “These are real.” Next shot is him supposedly removing his hands from her parts and saying, "Yucky."
Yucky indeed.

This may sound bad, but I was actually more disgusted w/ Jessica Biel than I would say Pamela Anderson where Jessica prompts Adam to test how ‘real’ she is. I guess it is just b/c she started out on 7th Heaven and it seems like she is trying esp hard to part ways w/ the ‘goody-goody’ image. She seems like more of a hussie than the girls in the popular media who have always been ‘hussies.’ Just MO.

One of the trailers I saw on TV had some kid calling the “couple” a name, that I thought was horribly innappropriate to be airing on a TV commercial! Mind you the two parts of this compound word were not bad in themselves…but none the less. I was disgusted to see it appear on a commercial!

This doesn’t deal with that movie, but I’ve been seeing commercials for the new Bill Engvall show that’s going to premiere soon.

In one scene Bill and his on-screen wife confront their teenage son with what he’s been hiding in his room.

One of the parents says, “Please say it isn’t drugs,” to which the kid replies, “It’s a Playboy.”

Bill’s response? “Oh, good boy.”

Yeah, get addicted to porn. Good choice.:eek:

Oh but don’t you know, this is a major part of what masculinity is…at least according to the world.:rolleyes:

I agree, it’s just disgusting.

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