I once saw child pornography on my computer

I was on my PC doing a search and just by chance a porn site popped up and I saw the picture. It was a little girl in the most disgusting picture I have ever seen.

I gasped…tears came to my eyes and I quickly closed the page without thinking. I felt like throwing up. I now know that I was supposed to report that web page to the police, but at the time, I was so shocked that I closed it right away and and waited for my heart to stop racing.

It was tramatic to see it. Now I wish I had reported it, but at the time, I was unaware.

So we now have a Canadian figure (former personal aid to our PM, University of Calgary Professor and a media figure for CBC TV station) who said that viewing child pornography doesn’t harm anyone and people viewing child porn should not be arrested.

Well, he’s lost his job and he was denounced by our PM and the CBC…

This whole scandal got me thinking about what I saw and how it affected my day.

Ugh. Even seeing those shows with the little girls in beauty pageants makes my stomach churn.

While it may not help much, it probably was not actually a child… unless you were on one of the chans (don’t look them up… trust me), in which case it may have been. Pornographers use tons of tricks, picking girls who naturally look very young, using makeup to make them look younger, dressing them with childish clothes and hair styles, etc. to give them impression of youth. This is mainly because it’s in high demand among men who view pornography. I recall once finding a person who was nineteen, but looked (due to build and dress) no older than eleven… and yeah, I agree with you in that it was very disturbing.

Anyways, what I’m getting at it, while it is atrocious, it probably wan’t actually a child… at least not in the legal sense. You generally have to be actively seeking out stuff like that to come across it.

I have struggled with porn addiction since my early teens (I’m 26), and I tell you, I have seen some* seriously* disturbing images. A lot of modern porn is geared towards some really twisted images of sexuality, especially with younger girls.

Tech guru here…:compcoff:

If the URL web address is still in your internet history, if you haven’t purged your web cache folder, if you haven’t deleted your browsing cookies, or if you have tracking software installed and running, you can still file a complaint and get the perp arrested.

You also need to contact your internet service provider (unless the police advise you that they will do this as part of your investigation). They’re cooperation will be necessary in order to trace the source. Telecomm companies compete to have the best internet filters so that they can advertise themselves as “family friendly”.

Now, as to how that happened. Take every precaution to ensure that you haven’t been hacked. Change the PC name on your computer or mobile device. Do not use WEP for wireless at home. WPA2 is far more secure. Make sure that remote access to your computer is blocked. This option is actually open by default in Windows for some reason. Do not leave your PC running overnight, not even in standby mode. Set a schedule on your Firewall if you can. Once a week for security and backups is plenty for the average user who does not work from home.

I’m sure there are other tips, but these are a good place to start. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Don’t let it get you down too much. God bless. :wink:

Thanks very much

I would also recommend getting rid of any of those peer to peer file sharing programs if you have any. There is a lot of pornographic garbage and viruses to be found on those networks.

I’ve heard there is software that can make a person look younger or older then they are. :slight_smile:

They do, but I don’t think it works for videos; only still images.

The same thing happened to me once. I think my laptop was infected and I was getting all sorts of gambling and porn sites popping up. That one time it was child porn and my reaction was like yours. I was so disgusted and horrified. 10 years on I still shudder when I remember it.

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