I ordered My White Rock Doves this week

I ordered my white Rock Doves this week. It will take 3-4 weeks to mail them. I’ll get a postcard and they will come shiped Next day air USPS. I wish they were already here but I need to buy some Grit for them so they can eat their seeds. I already waited a week.

I feel I am being called in light of the current church scandel. I decided to raise white rock doves like the ones kept at the Vatican. They cost me a small fortune for 2. I built a Memorial Dove Cote for all the Passionist Monks at the Monastary where I went to school. Upon researching Rock Doves, found that Monks have been raising them as Squab and pets for thousands of years. (although some got eaten.) I also found at the cemetary, a great number of monks from the monastary dated 1800-2000 20 monks with a beuatiful statue to Saint Paul of the Cross and Saint Michael.

2-3 more weeks. I cant wait.

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