>>I over estimated my number of sins<<

I think I overestimated unintentionally how many times I sinned in confession. Do I have to reconfess with the correct or closer to correct number or are those sins covered??


In Protestant evangelicalism, that’s called “building a testimony” :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’ll let someone else provide a more serious answer.)

I think in Catholicism it’s called a pre-emptive strike, since we know we will eventually reach those higher numbers! (Still waiting for a serious answer…)

Amen to that!~

I did that once and my priest said I didn’t have to redo since I thought that was the right number. I am scrupulous, so that may have been why

I would double check with your priest.

You’re over-thinking things. You went to confession and did you best.So relax and enjoy life instead of wasting time worrying!

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