I passed :)


I just got the "unofficial" report that I passed my NCLEX exam.

I'm a registered nurse now :)

I can't even express how happy, grateful and relieved I am. Thank God!!! And thank you all for praying for me. You've helped me a lot! Thank you for being there for me!





I'll be taking my NCLEX in 2012 so I hope I do well like you did :)

God bless


Congrats!!! I passed my NCLEX in 1998 and had NO idea what God had in store for me as a nurse. There are great things waiting for you, and so many opportunities to explore. My advise to you as a fellow RN, get at least one to two years of floor experience in a hospital. I don’t know if being a lifer (life-long hospital nurse) is in your plans, but if not, get at least a couple of years of good general med-surg type experience first. This will open so many doors for you if you plan to leave the hospital eventually! My other piece of advice: find a senior nurse somewhere in the hospital (not even necessarily on your unit) and ask them to mentor you. This person needs to have a good outlook on the career and not be burned out. They will teach you more than you could imagine. I had a wonderful mentor who really helped me to blossom. Best of luck to you!!! twk


Congratulations!! I have a deep admiration for nurses and am still toying with the idea of maybe becoming one. I just cant stomach some of the things they have to do. I just finished my pharmacy tech education so I will be a tech for now. Congrats!!





Congratulations and God Bless You in your new career! Do you have a position yet?


Congratulations. You have my admiration. Nursing is not for wimps.


Congratulations, and best wishes as you transition from student to practicing RN. As a semi-retired RN myself, I second what twk said about getting in a couple of years on a med-surg floor. That will give you a solid foundation from which to branch out, even if med-surg is not your main area of interest. God bless! :thumbsup:


Congratulations!! :)


Hooray!!! That is so awesome!!!

I wish I had the courage to be a nurse! Good for you to pick such a noble profession, I am sure you are going to help so many people…



As a fellow RN, I will tell you it might take a while to find your “niche” where you will be happy as a nurse so don’t get discouraged! I did practically every other specialty under the sun before I found my niche which is Emergency Nursing. For a while I started to think I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse b/c I didn’t like any of the floors I worked on, that’s until I found my Level 1 trauma center to work in! ;):stuck_out_tongue: There are many many kinds of nursing out there, find the one that makes you happy and you will have a very rewarding career. :slight_smile:



I passed my NCLEX in 1999 and have never regretted going to school for my RN, even though I didn’t go to school until I was 45 years old! :eek:

Besides the advice you have already received (which I second :thumbsup:) I would say to never turn down an opportunity to learn something new or try a new position/unit/job description. I worked med-surg for five years before I got into Quality, which I now do, and that Med-Surg time gave me tons of experience and knowledge. (I have also worked as a DON for an Assisted living facility, worked PT for Hospice for several years and also taught nursing assistant classes.) Having your RN degree will give you so many opportunities! When I worked Med-Surg, many of the RNs hated to “float” to another unit, especially ICU. So I would do it…which gave me the courage to do all those other things! Those ICU RNs taught me so much!

I think a person has to love to learn in order to be a successful RN because an RN “goes to school” pretty much forever! :smiley:

Again - Congrats!



May God Bless you as you serve Him as a Nurse

Yours in Christ,



As a Physical Therapist Assistant who’s worked with my share of nurses, I’ll offer a couple nuggets of advice (take them w/ a grain of salt obviously! ;):p). 1) Don’t work in a job that you hate…some nurses HATE working certain fields and it really shows to the other disciplines 2) be nice to PT…we do the heavy lifting if you’re good to us! :smiley:


Congratulations! It is a noble profession.


Thank you February :slight_smile:

The NCLEX was hard. Do a lot of NCLEX practice questions. There are good programs out there that you can download on your computer. My instructors required we did a certain number of those questions and print them out for homework. Saunders has a really good one, so does mosby, nclex 4000, and of course Kaplan :slight_smile: Try to plan to take the Kaplan course for testing strategies, it helped a lot! Good Luck Jenlovesyu :slight_smile:


I love women’s health and I love the CCU. I was lucky enough to do my clinicals in a hospital that LOVES students and loves mentoring. I did apply for a job there, in the pulmonary step-down unit, and hopefully my preceptor will be my mentor. But if not, yes, I will find a more seasoned nurse to mentor me. Thank you for the good advice!! The pulmonary step down unit (they have a cardio one too) is a great place to start because it’s a step down from the CCU but a step up from med-surge. And yes, I agree one should have some med-surge experience before branching out. Hopefully this will open up both sides for me. So I’m praying I get this job!


Thank you : ) Maybe you might like to do some volunteering at a hospital and watch a nurse working? Or take a CNA course? My brother and I both took CNA courses first before applying to nursing school just to make sure we really knew what we were getting in to and to make sure we wanted to do it. It was really helpful. And if you decide it’s not the path you want, you can ALWAYS use CNA knowledge at home with family. Someone always has family that needs some caregiving

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: No, not yet. I’ve been my mom’s primary caregiver for six years now. But the job I described above is the only one I applied for so far. I wanted to wait until I had my license in my hands before applying because employers often ask for it…


Thanks :slight_smile: but I’m a big wimp and a big bundle of nerves :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Carrie! Do you think I’d get the same benefit from the step-down units?

I didn’t realize there were so many nurses, nursing students and nursing student hopefuls on the forum. I wish there was a nursing group here. Wouldn’t that be awesome? We need a nursing icon!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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