I pray for moral sanity

Over the last year I have searched the scientific forums and am quite horrified about the lack of concern there is for the future of humanity.

A brief explanation, just before the start of this year a conference of scientists got together more like a church of the atheist’s convention. In fifty years all things will be known they say and they will replace God.

If that is the case then why do the use particle accelerators that with each firing produce a particle that has a one in fifty million chance of destroying all life on earth. It the chain reaction for the “strange” particle as they call it gets going then the world collapses into a rather “hellish” red hot ball of molten metal about the size of two city blocks. They even give odds that it is unlikely that the world will make it until 2100 just on those odds.

I have tried many approaches including humour but still no sense, even basic common sense comes from these “learned?” fellows. The line between brilliance and pure madness can’t be easily seen. I believe it is an attempt to destroy humanity just in case God does pop in for a chat and upset their plans. They can’t disprove God so they will destroy all of humanity, it is just madness.

This is the site that explains strange particles how they are produced and what they could do, it is a couple of years old but my earliest reference to these strange things is from an encyclopedia printed in 1984. World science seems to have lost all moral sense and decency has gone from that community. A new bigger particle accelerator comes on line early next year and an even bigger one is in the planning or starting construction since this article was printed.

I have great need to turn to my faith for strength and save for having the love of God and the support good moral Catholic family and the community of Catholics helps enormously. There are many times in my walk when the footprints show just one set of prints and for those times I thank God for the times, so many of them where I needed to be carried.

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You’re in my prayers.

When confronted with all that info, when I go looking or hear it.
I remind myself how long me and my ideas have been on earth.
And then think of how long ago God made earth (it does say the
earth is round in scripture) and he’s got us all in His hands.
I laughed loud when I recently heard this joke:
Scientist talking to God.
"See God, I made a man."
"Show me how you did it"
Scientist picks up some dirt and begins his process…
God says, “Get your own dirt”.

Praying for you. :gopray:

I found an old catholic bible course online at


Whenever I need a reality check, this is the ticket. It was made during the 1940’s, but it’s truths are so self evident, that it makes me laugh when someone tries to make me fear for my life on earth. I am not talking about foolish heroics. This is where I need to be grounded. Check it out and see if it brings a little moral sanity back. It sure helps mine:thumbsup:

Praying for you.

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