I prayed my rosary to pieces!


Okay so this is a bit silly but I broke my rosary. This is my first one and I am a bit distrought. Is any one else attached to their rosary? How long do your rosaries usually last you before you have to replace it? I put all the pieces in a little plastic baggie and am keeping it in my jewerly box.


My dear friend

There are people everywhere who voluntarily make rosaries at home for charity. Perhaps you could track one down near you to get it repaired if you have all the pieces? Just a thought.

God bless you and pray for me please:thumbsup::slight_smile:



The first rosary I had broke after a couple of months, so after that I got one of those cord rosaries - the kind with beads, and knots separating the Our Father beads from the Hail Mary beads, instead of a chain - and it has lasted almost a year and shows no sign of wearing down (and I use it a lot … and sleep with it … and sometimes inadvertently sleep on it. :o)


I did the same thing to my first rosary (about 1/2 a year before I ever decided to become Catholic.) I was given a replacement by a priest (I love the rosary that he gave me), but pieces of my old rosary still turn up every now and then. (I’ve been a confirmed Catholic now for 7 days and 38 minutes by the way! :smiley: )


Yes, it should be repairable if you have all of the pieces, either by one of these groups or maybe even a jewelry store. It isn’t too much different from a necklace, after all, if it is a chain one. A string one will be even easier to fix.


I’m very attached to my rosaries. Yes, plural. I already have a collection and I’m not even Catholic yet. :o :smiley: Because I was feeling guilty about it I have started making twine knotted rosaries to give away. None of mine have broken yet. So far, I just had to repair one knotted bead rosary that had started to unravel. But this one was badly done to begin with. A lot of mine are already showing signs of wear, though. The chains are turning gold, the beads are losing their coating or have become very smooth and polished.


Great News! One of the team members at my RCIA class is an Benedictine Oblate and she knows a Nun who repairs rosaries so I can get mine fixed. :smiley:


I am glad you found someone to repair your rosary!
For future referance, try here:
Thjere are the knotted ones, and they are free for a promise to pray for Rosary Army, (but they are always in need of donations to cover the postage on the rosaries that are mailed out, free of charge to all who request them, if you feel so led).


You might also ask at a Catholic book or gift shop. I repair rosaries free of charege (if I can use parts I already have on hand or that the person has kept) and my name and cell phone number are at the checkout counter of our largest Catholic supply store.

I also supply a local adoration chapel with rosaries, either ones that I make from Rosary Army (the same one from the above post - yay!) or chain and bead ones that I made with spare parts or that didn’t turn out quite the way I envisioned. So the local perpetual adoration chapel is another resource, since many have rosaries available - and at mine you’re welcome to take one home.


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