I prayed the memorare for the first time today, and it worked like magic!


I have prayed to Mary and the saints before, but I had never prayed the memorare. Today, as I was struggling with temptation and was about to give in, I felt the need to ask mary to intercede for me. I prayed the Hail Mary a few times. Then suddenly I remembered that there was a certain prayer like "remember of most gracious virgin mary.... (had heard it on ewtn)" and so I looked it up on the internet and prayed it.

Immediately, I felt such incredible peace and the temptation just vanished! I felt like sharing this with you today! I'm so glad! :)


awesome! :smiley: I love that prayer :slight_smile:


I have the same experience praying the Miraculous Medal prayer: Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


Very nice to hear. :o


Try this one for emergencies:


9 Memorares
1 Rosary
1 Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Yes, all at the same time ... even on your knees if you can... :thumbsup:


Isn't our Mother wonderful?! :extrahappy:


No prayer works like magic. It works like prayer.


[quote="Epistemes, post:7, topic:179804"]
No prayer works like magic. It works like prayer.


Oh, please! Isn't God magical? He turns our evil to good in a cinch!

Please just read people's post in the spirit in which it is written.


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