I prefer to pray in Latin


I’d love to know the responsae in Latin. I once had the entire Rosary memorized in Latin.


Jubilate Deo

Vatican allowed free copies to every parish.


My Roman Daily Missal has the Mass in English and Latin, but it doesn’t have the readings and propers in Latin.




That’s funny. Hi!!!


Short prayers yes because easy to memorize. Longer ones would have to read from a prayer book.


Same as English, no?


Latin is the same language spoken by Nero and used to worship Jupiter and the Emperor.

(yes, for the dense among you, that’s satirical and sarcastic)


That may be the case; but: The Church made Latin it’s own, so it’s more than kosher to speak Latin as a Catholic.


What about Greek Mythology?

Or we can debate Homer vs Virgil. :slight_smile:


Lol. That’s hilarious, ProVobis. :grinning:


Once you start with prayers in Latin, you rapidly progress toward complaining about poor translations into English … from Greek and Latin and Hebrew.


I do the sign of the cross in Latin and might lurn others as well


Latin is more difficult to remember for me :slight_smile:


Just a quick note. Hebrew is not derived from Aramaic. They are both sister languages derived from a language called Proto-Canaanite, which itself is derived from Proto-Semitic, which in turn is derived from a mega-language known as Proto-Afro-Asiatic. I know it’s off topic, but the linguistic snob in me could not let that go. It’s a fault I’m working on :innocent:


You know…as as thought…,poetry really strikes deep when we have it said in our own language . I can get what you are saying because our own Spanish poets and some of their phrases we never forget and can still move us many years later.
When you say things like this you said ,one can almost sense that you have made Latin your own. And I mean it as something good and it makes a difference when one who loves his/her " own" language explains it.


Spanish is a lot like Latin in that there are no silent letters except “h” and pronunciations are straightforward. Easy on the ears too. :slight_smile:

But I still don’t understand why “v” is pronounced like “b”. :slight_smile:


I blame Greek. :stuck_out_tongue:


That made me chuckle. I love Greek, by the way.


I’m glad you understood the joke! :smile:

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