I quit! I quit! I quit!


Smoking that is :smiley: Saturday, Oct.6, 2007 at 10 pm, I had my last cigarette. Please pray for me that I stay quit this time.




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I will pray you are not tempted and may prevail with God’s help.

Good for you!


Congrats… I will definitely pray for you… Cause I really wanna quit but everytime I do… as soon as I am stressed… any excuse will do!


I know what you mean. I quit the day I found out I was pregnant with Mia. I did really well until she was about a year old. Between PPD and dh’s ex wife, I finally caved. I thought I could have “just one”, but of, course, you can only buy them by the pack… With- in a day, I was hooked again.

When you decide to quit again, Blest One, PM me. Maybe we can support each other through it.



Congratulations! Here’s a Hail Mary heading your way :slight_smile:


Oh I may just do it!!! With trying to get preggo it would be best and besides… the local Walgreens has some nicotine patches on clearance for $6.99 for a weeks worth… I was thinking of buying up all they have left.


Congratulations! Have you read the book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking *by John Carr (I think that’s his name). It was really helpful.

Good luck! Life is good. Smoking is not.*


Good luck! If I can quit, anyone can. I quit a little over a year ago with my Mom when she was diagnosed with emphysema and congestive heart failure. She died last month.

I will pray for you


Praying for you. I unserstand how hard it is, having stopped smoking about 20 years ago. It’s hard, but I know you can do it.:slight_smile:


I’m so sorry. Your mom will be in my prayers tonight.



Yay for you, I have been smoke free for ten years as of April 15 this year!




Congratulations. The hardest thing was making the decision.
I quit in New Years day 2000 and have not had a cigarette since. I got up on NY day and finished the packet and decided that after 25 years (a pack a day) it was time to stop. And I havent looked back. I enlisted the help of St Joseph and and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and everytime I had a desire I spoke to St Joseph and within a week the whole craving thing had passed. I have not had a craving/ or cigarette/ or desire to smoke in nearly 8 years.
So I will pray for you to find the strength to say no for one to two weeks then it will be well. You dont need to smoke.
God Bless your life.


Thank you Kim, and good luck!


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