I QUIT! (my job)


Finally I had the guts to do it!!! If you don’t know, I have had a job for the past 2 yrs w/a very toxic, mean, evil-spirited boss. She treated me like garbage, she treats others like garbage, she gets people from other companies fired just because she doesn’t like them… ugh… she was yelling at me for no reason and I finally had it! 2-3 weeks ago she embarrassed me in front of the entire office yelling at me for some dumb reason (she usually yells, she thinks this way things get done faster), and I was so mad :mad: . I almost started crying. I had just miscarried my baby and I told her flat out that I wasn’t going to take her or anyone else talking to me that way, especially after what happened to me and still having the pregnancy hormones in my body. I said if she did it again I was going to leave.

This morning she was yelling at me because I didn’t leave a message at her house when I got in to the office. She had told me to call her on her cell phone, so I did. She didn’t answer, so I called her house, no answer, so I called her cell again, no answer. She always wants me to try her non-stop until I reach her. Well, I couldn’t reach her. She was yelling and yelling because I didn’t leave her a message at her house :mad:. Then she went on telling me to call so and so from the newspaper to have them contact my coworker (who was still at home) and have them email him the proof for our ad that’s supposed to publish on Sunday. I told her they had already emailed him the proof so he had it and had already seen it and she began yelling again telling me that I shouldn’t iterrupt her and that she shouldn’t have to explain herself to me and she shouldn’ have to reapeat things to me. :mad: I was soooooooooooooooo UPSET all I said was “I’m leaving”. I hung up and got all my stuff and left!!!

She’s been treating me this way ever since I started 2 yrs ago. My coworker quit after taking it for 17 yrs and boss calls her every week to try and get her to come back (it’s been 7 months) and my coworker won’t come back. I called my coworker on the phone right after I left (this lady is about to turn 84 and is like a grandmother to me). She was so happy to hear I finally left. And she said there was no way in the world she’d ever go back to that place. Her health deteriorated a lot because of the stress we had to go thru w/this woman. She had high blood pressure, her diabetes went crazy, her neck was killing her from the stress…

I couldn’t sleep, I’d always come home either angry or depressed. Finally I will have some peace of mind!!! I know that financially I shouldn’t have done it, but healthwise, I mean, I couldn’t take it any more. Especially after losing my baby. Gosh, while pregnant she was worse than ever trying to treat me like her maid. I was her executive assistant, her computer person, and she was making me go to her house to help her clean and lift boxes and what not… I wasn’t supposed to be doing those things because my pregnancy was risky, and yet, she didn’t care.

Once my sister was in the emergency room. The person who called me didn’t tell me why but they said I needed to go right away (I was the only one they were able to reach from my family), and my boss almost fired me the next day for having asked her to go see my sister at the hospital! My coworker’s husband had a heart attack and my boss expected her in the office at 9am even though her husband had just had the heart attack an hr before.

Sorry if I’m ranting and venting… I just needed to get this off my chest.


So glad you are taking care of yourself! Hope you find another job, with a more human boss, soon.



:hug3:You are free of the person I’ve been calling by turns “the evil beast” and “Yessi’s nutcase who needs a ton of prayers”.

You live in an area where there are plenty of jobs. You are young, talented, and worth every penny somebody will pay you.


If you do not have good health, then your life suffers greatly. No job is worth poor health and toxic stress.

You will notice the air is probably a bit fresher now.:thumbsup:


Thank you!! I know she’ll be calling me to offer me more money to come back (she always does this when people quit) but I really don’t want to. I need something where my boss will be a nice and professional person. And also someone who will observe workers’ right and follow the law. She had me working FT M-F 8:30-4:30 and she paid me as a contractor, she didn’t pay me taxes, no health insurance, no nothing… I’m glad I’m out of there. So is DH. Dh had been telling me to quit for the longest time. All I have to do is find a place to work… that’s the part I don’t like… but oh well :shrug:


YAY! Prayers for speedy employment with someone who appreciates you. :smiley:


Pray for your former boss. I will pray for you and for her.


we will all join in a rousing chorus of “Take this Job and Shove It” with you, sometimes this is just the only solution to a toxic situation. I’ve been there, so has DH. sometimes not quitting prevents you from recognizing and seizing new opportunities.


Good job, Yessi! :clapping: I’m really glad you quit! With a boss like that, the best thing you can do is get out as quickly as you can since putting up with her isn’t exactly going to result in shining references from her anyway and can hurt your career longterm. I know you’ll find a job soon—you’re young and talented with a good work ethic. :thumbsup: Don’t worry too much about having to maybe put off ttc for a little while. :hug1: We’ll all be praying that you get a good job soon so you can feel comfortable ttc again. :slight_smile:


I used to have a job where I got yelled at everyday and I got so tired of having a headache and being blamed on for something my boss had done wrong. I am not sure if I wanted to have that job again, but I know that I might change the way I worked with the formal boss in a way that he might respect me more.


Thank you guys! I really was beginning to think I had done something I shouldn’t have, but it’s true… for my health, this isn’t worth it. I hope I get a job soon. I just applied for a job that has to do with my major! I hope they give me a chance for an interview!!!


Good for you.

No one should stay in such a negative situation. We spend 40+ hours a week at work (not to mention travel time to work). Its such a significant part of our lives. When it comes to the point that you hate your job, it spills over to relationships outside of work and spoils all those precious other non-work hours when you should be enjoying family, friends, and life.


Yessi, I have not followed your story but if this is a company with an HR department, this person should have been reported. The behavior you describe is unacceptable. P-E-R-I-O-D!


I wish I could do this, but I work for a broker who works under a big company and I’m her personal assistant. Her boss isn’t my superior. My boss is who pays my wages.


Can you find someone else in the company to list as a reference??? With what you say, I cannot imagine this person giving a prospective new boss a good reference on you.


Oh my gosh!!! I know nothing of your situation but I can’t believe anyone can put up with that for more than one day or one incident. That is ridiculous. I hear stories like this about people that act so idiotic or immature and I have yet to encounter one. I will be shocked the day something like that happens to me and I will give that person a piece of my mind that they won’t forget! Well good for you for getting out of that situation. You don’t need that kind of stress, especially if you have had miscarriages before. You need all the love and kindness people have to offer. I will pray you find a good job and also for your poor boss. I’m sure she has issues of her own that she has not dealt with. It must be horrible to live in her skin. God bless!:slight_smile:


Yessisan - congratulations on taking the first step in getting a better job!

Brenda V.


I have MANY people there I could use as references. Everyone knows and likes me. At least I can get references from the,.


Thank you both…!


Oh my gosh, yessian, that boss sounds terrible!!! :eek: My prayers are with you that you find a much better fit for yourself.

When I hear stories like this, I don’t understand how people like this get to where they are, and STAY THERE FOR SO LONG!:mad: I suppose I should pray for her too. :o

God bless and know you did the right thing! Your health and sanity comes before any job.

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