I really want to thank God

On Thursday, while I was at work, someone left the stove on, burning a whole pot full of garbanzo beans. I came home to an empty house full of smoke (no fire, thank God). Empty, that is, except for my guinea pigs (I have 6). The first thing I did was to check to see if they were all right. They were fine, and they’re still as healthy as they were Thursday morning. I used some strong fans to blow out the smoke, and everything’s OK now.

Since then, I’ve been thanking God every time I had a moment to think. But somehow, saying “Thank You” a thousand times doesn’t seem to do it. I know it sounds silly, but those guinea pigs are like children to me (I’m celibate, so I’ll never have any human children). God spared them even though I don’t deserve such kindness (I can’t seem to quit certain sins of anger and sins of lust).

How can I properly thank God for sparing my guinea pigs? Nothing seems to be enough.

Happy to hear your guinea pigs are safe! :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could offer a special Rosary of Thanksgiving,
or give a donation to charity, such as a nearby convent or monastery,
and ask the nuns or monks to join you in prayer for Thanksgiving?
The Franciscans, including the Poor Clares, come to mind …


Thank God ,

Today is the Feast day of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, but because he is also considered the patron saint against epidemic disease and against fires, and so today you start your thread.

Thank God! Thank God!

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