I really wish the Mass were more old school


You don’t have to be specific, but in what area would something like this happen?


I wish more parishes in my area offered the TLM, the closest one only offers it on certain weekdays at 8am. However, this same parish does offer a High Mass of the OF, which has all Gregorian chant, including all the prayers in Latin, kneelers for communion, the priest says Mass Ad Orientem and even though they still have lay Eucharistic ministers, it’s usually only around 5 max, versus other parishes where I’ve counted over 25 at times.

This particular High Mass definitely has a reverence to it that I find lacking in other parishes that I’ve attended.


I’ve ceased trying to “traditionalize” local Ordinary Form Masses; the unity of worship within the Roman Rite is forever lost. Instead of seething in anger, as was my previous (and unpleasant) disposition, I simply elect to attend the “Traditional Latin Mass” or Byzantine Catholic divine liturgy.


Attend a Mass or Divine Liturgy where you will be at peace. No need to attend a parish which causes you spiritual angst.


I personally have experienced this in Indiana. I am a professional musician who was invited by a friend to join the music at another parish. I was dismayed to be next to the altar. There was a drumkit, and the guitarist was rocking out right next to the altar. I tried to mask my horror with a polite expression, but I doubt if I carried that off very well.


Such bands are usually in front of the right-most pews (when facing the altar).



This is my sentiment also. My son who has had a wonderful spiritual life in the local diocesan youth ministry decided to explore the traditional Latin Mass community. He thought the Mass was really beautiful but couldn’t break into the community. He’s a beautiful chaste and kind person who fits in in the local Catholic community, so he gave up on it. I said nothing but advised my son that it maybe wasn’t his thing. But in the last month my daughter who is also very involved in the diocesan youth ministry has been going to the local Monday Latin Mass and subsequent lecture. She has also been distinctly excluded along with a group of friends she went with. I don’t know whether they think she is not good enough for them? She and my son have embraced the faith and all the Church teachings. They are really good people. Holy children trying their best. I think that you have to be a certain type of person to be accepted by the traditional Latin Mass people and prepared to reject much of the post VII Church and popes. I don’t want my children to be like that but I do find it sad that they were drawn to the reverent ways but were repelled by the judgement and clique-ish culture.


I think this is an interesting idea – that individuals can influence a priest and his way of celebrating Mass, and the decor of a parish. I suspect individuals don’t really hold that much sway.


I always figured parish council members, deacons, choir members, heads of various ministries, etc were individuals with some sway.

Edit: but obviously the pastor has the final say. I know a family who offered to buy the altar servers some bells, and our pastor said no. :disappointed:


Could be. In my ten years (and two parishes) I have never belonged to a parish that had a council. Pretty sure choir members have zero sway over the pastor where I have been.
I think the people who do have influence are the big money parishioners. Right now those folks seem to be those aging boomers.


Is the chanted canon a particularly Benedictine thing? I’ve encountered that at a few retreats I’ve taken in the past.


Not sure, but it is certainly the way in the Solesmes congregation! I’m trying to recall if it’s chanted at Sant’ Anselmo as well, I visit there about once a year for about 10 days at a time, but my memory fails me… I seem to recall it is, in Italian.


I’ve seen this in several parishes in different parts of the U.S., so there is no one area. One of the more common places are Lifeteen masses, but I’ve seen it at other masses as well.


Just go to the Extraordinary High Mass. I love it. I go there every Sunday and Holy Day. Learning the responses in Latin doesn’t take long at all.

Some churches that also offered the Ordinary Form of the Holy Mass have Gregorian Chant Masses, search around.

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