I receive Meals on Wheels. Is President Trump going to cut it out?


I got my meal today and the Volunteer who I know who helps with meals from Meals on Wheels told me that President Trump is cutting MOW’s budget by a margin of 35%. He was livid. Also, I’ve looked it up but can’t find anything dated 2018. All the news articles were dated back in March of 2017.

I’m stressing but know God has me.

I would like to find something current. Does anyone know?

Thank you for your answers in advance.


This was the newest article I could find on your question. The scare title is the opposite of what the last paragraph says.

Reprinted from “The Nation”

" Who Actually Benefits From Meals on Wheels? And why did the Trump administration think it was a good idea to cut funding for these vital programs? "

March 30, 2018

" Baby boomers have begun retiring, the number of seniors in our country is ballooning—by the year 2050, the number of people 65 and over is projected to double. But the Trump administration didn’t seem to really care about this vulnerable population when it unveiled its absurd budget proposal last year. The cuts that plan laid out would have decimated programs across the country that serve our most disadvantaged, overlooked neighbors: Meals on Wheels.

Trump’s plan would have done away with $3 billion of community-development block grants, which are used in some states to support senior nutrition and home-delivered meal programs. The plan also proposed to make an 18 percent cut across the board to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, which would greatly impact the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program. That program provides 35 percent of the funding for local Meals on Wheels programs from coast to coast, and these programs empower 2.4 million seniors to enjoy healthier and more independent lives in their own homes.

Thankfully, the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed by Trump last week didn’t carry through these threats. In another sign of the gap between this administration’s rhetoric and its ability to actually govern, the bill actually included increases for programs like Meals on Wheels that assist seniors. "

Be at peace and God bless.


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