I recently Recieved the Book Of Mormon

Is it any good?

What Do I do with it?

Please advise me.


Atour MArc.

If you received the Book of Satanic prayers, what would you do with it? Or of the Quran? Or in this case the Book of Mormon?

In other words, there is no need for you to hold onto it, nor read it, unless you were planning on deconstructing it for the use in Apologetics. Cast it aside, since it’ll do you no good.

thankyou I will…

May God bless You abundantly…

I needed some guidance.

It’s not a Holy Book. I would actually give the Koran more reverence than the BoM.

I wouldn’t give either of them reverence since both are a divation from the Truth; Jesus Christ.

The only reason I could see for wanting to read the BoM is to strengthen one’s apologetic technique when talking with Mormons. I think only someone strongly grounded in their Catholic faith should try. If the OP isn’t sure, or is not interested in apologetics anyway, I’d just destroy it if I were them.

It is a book that leads people away from the Truth. Destroy it.


You know, I probably would have accepted it out of politeness and then found somewhere to discreetly pass it off, but my interest is actually kind of piqued by what -and more importantly why- they believe what they do.

I have absolutely no doubt that the Catholic faith is where I am supposed to be, but I am fascinated by theology in general, and what others construe as being the truth. For instance, why do they believe in the “Golden Plates”, when Joseph Smith excommunicated almost all of the “3 and 8 witnesses” who supposedly saw them before the angel took them back? On top of which, they were all either family, close friends or financial backers of the church.

FYI, if you ever are offered pamphlets from the Jehovahs witnesses, dont take them, as they have an obligation to come back again (and again, and again, and again) and press you to join. I had that happen to me before quite a few times, but Im loaded for proverbial bear these days, so they leave me be.

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