I recommend D'nesh D'Souza's book

I am asking for some techno help. I am ordering D’ Souza’s 2 latest books, hardcopies; What’s So Great About Christianity? & his newest Life After Death. I also want to download copies, I think. Does this mean I download the audio version to my hard drive & can then copy to cd’s? I want to get a copy of ea. to listen on road trips.
Just looking for an explanation of just what it means. Thank you. mary

D’nesh D’Souza has 2 religion related books out and I am currently reading his 1st one, What’s So Great About Christianity?. An easy read for the layman. A great gift for the Catholic/Christian who is not well versed in apologetics/history. Or really a good read for the Christian who gets his history/cathechism from the secular press or Dan Brown.
I have always like D’Souza’s writing. He is w/ National Review. He was interviewed by Raymond Arroyo not long ago.

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