I Resign My Sinful Ways


I’ve been on the forums for a few months now and I’ve strived to be as pure and chaste as possible. But my addiction to yaoi (fictional homo-erotica) has been my biggest obstacle as I’ve indulged in it for 7 years now. But after coming to the realization that seeing, reading, and even writing about it is keeping me away from God. And now I can’t deal with it anymore. I’m quiting this psycological drug of mine. I don’t want to turn my back on God, who deserves my entire faithful love.


I will be praying for you. I recently gave up all slash fanfiction, regardless of the ratings, and I know it was very difficult for me at the time. I am still tempted to fall back and revisit specific sites. One thing that helped me was erasing all cookies and all of the bookmarks of those sites, and confessing every time I am tempted. Also, when I am tempted, I’ll pray to St. Michael or some other prayer.

God Bless!


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