I saw a Eucharistic Minister search the floor today

When I was going forward for communion today, I saw a Eucharistic Minister who had a challice that was empty, something had happened and he had the cloth on the ground, and then he was down on his knees fervently searching the ground.

Such love and devotion for Our Lord really struck a chord in my soul, we’re so BLESSED to have Our Lord, His Body, Blood and Soul and Divinity come to us in the Mass. And that E.M. was so devoted to Our Lord, so careful.

It was quite moving to see his devotion to Our Lord.

Wow, I’m the luckiest person in the world to belong to a Church where Christ comes to be with US! Wow, the liturgy is so moving, so simple, but so deep.

I can’t believe people are not willing to crawl on broken glass to get there.

Now this is also the day – I went to the chapel tonight to pray, and they have a Korean mass there at night, and the first family that came in, the children (about ages 6 - 7 were dressed all in their Halloween costumes!!!:eek::eek:

The Korean priest was setting up. and you should have seen his double take!!!

Jesus loved the children, I’m sure he loves them even in costumes in His Chapel…I would have had my children take off the masks and exchange shirts or clothing in the car or something though…but that’s just me. :slight_smile:


Are you sure he didn’t lose a contact lens?

Jesus,our Lords peace be with You.
Very funny,and in the totaly wrong place. A joke know and then during the day is OK,I do it myself,but what I never do IS TO MAKE A JOKE ABOUT THE CHURCH,RELIGION,PRIESTS,OR ANYTHING THAT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SOMEONE ELSES FAITH,OR MY FAITH. There must be several sites on the net for You to have fun,but this is not one of them.


If the EMHC was minister of the Chalice, and had put the purificator (cloth) on the ground, that probably means the Chalice spilled a little, and the EMHC was doing his (or her) best to absorb the spilled Precious Blood in the purificator. Accidents do happen, and it is nice to know that some of the people who administer Holy Communion know what to do in those cases.

[edited] I had the same thought, that what he was doing might not be related at all to the Sacrament.


If he had spilled, why would he be searching for the spill? Maybe he doesn’t see that well.

The OP might have mistaken the intent of the EMHC. It may have looked like searching but it was something else. Or perhaps he was looking to see if there were any additional drops of the Precious Blood that he had missed.

Or, maybe the floor is carpeted, and the carpet is dark (as at our church). Or, maybe the lights aren’t too great (as at our church). If the precious blood was white wine pre-consecration, it’d be pretty tough to see on the floor at our church. I’d be searching for it by hand, to find where the carpet was damp.

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