I saw an angel...


I was wondering if anyone had any similar spiritual experiences.

I saw an angel once. In the sky. You don’t know what beauty is until you see one of God’s holy angels. This one matched the sky. It was like a lightish-blue. Like water or smoke. He kind of flew or rather swam through the sky. Then he shone a light that emanated from his stomach. Angels are spirits but underneath the “spiritual skin” they are comprised of light, which is the glory of God. I never seen any thing as beautiful as what my eyes beheld that day or never since; not even a woman can compare to the beauty of that angel I beheld. I’ve had other spiritual experiences before and since.

But I’m curious has anyone had any spiritual experiences? You have to pay close attention because they are usually subtle to the eye. Like every once in a while I will see orbs of light flying through the sky and then disappear just as they appeared out of thin air.


The one experience I have was my conversion.

I was filled with a very bright light, the very being of Jesus Christ.
I felt forgiveness, love, joy, and mercy like I never experienced in my life. I wanted to go out into the streets and yell to everyone how wonderful God is! He transformed my life in an instant.



I see those all the time. I never considered them to be angels, or anything like that. I just took them for granted, and never mentioned them to anyone until now.


DD says he saw an angel when he was in church during HS praying. I think I saw DDs angel when she skidded and drove the car into a mountainside, narrowly missing a WalMart truck. We both walked away. We were also rescued by an angel–or Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus–on a NC freeway in a snowstorm. My parents told me several times as a child I woke up and said my angel had visited me. Don’t know if these are spiritual or psychological events, but if they build faith they are reliable, and if they build doubt, they are not.


I had a conversion experience that involved 3 angels I’m not really going to go into it but it was life changing, awe inspiring, beautiful and utterly horrifying all in one.

Guardian Angels though are different. I’ve never seen mine but he speaks (not conversations simply a word here and there) to me and touched/grabbed me before. I feel very sorry for mine and I hope that one day when I leave this earthly coil that he gets a good retirement plan. The reason I say this is because for the most part he’s either getting on me, telling me to pay attention or pulling me out of harms way. As often as it happens I think I have the hardest working angel in the celestial choirs :o

Angels are VERY real don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.


I’ve had powerful spiritual experiences in the past,
as well as a paranormal experience which I wouldn’t care to have happen again. It was a UFO which I, my family, and my neighbors watched for over an hour and a half. It was fascinating, but at the same time I wouldn’t, ever, want to see one again. Was creepy.

I believe I saw an angel in human form back when I was 19, who appeared in the form of a woman who appeared just in time to keep me from getting arrested for an innocent mistake.

I would like to see an angel in all his glory, though,
at least I think I would…on the other hand, it might
scare me to death…



I’ve seen my guardian angel. It was during a car accident, and he literally rescued me.

It was an experience that reached deep into the moral and spiritual cesspool I’d sunk in and helped set me back on the path to God.


Exactly one year after seeing (something I’d rather leave unspoken), I learned another lesson.

We can each see Jesus or Mary as much as we want. In ourselves. This requires that we must totally cooperate to conform ourselves to the image of Christ.

Romans 12:1-2 (NAB) I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, your spiritual worship. Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.

If we want Jesus more than anything else, this can be our reward. If there are other things that we want more than we want Jesus, then that is a problem. It is nobody else’s fault – it is our own will that brings us what we will get.

So my advice is this – rather than desiring to see an angel or Mary or a Holy Saint, strive to cooperate to receive the virtues of Jesus and Mary in yourself. Strive to conform to the image of Christ. After all, that is what really counts for all eternity.

And then you also can be Jesus or Mary for others in need. By doing God’s will in serving others you will be doing what Jesus or Mary would have done in the same situation. This is something that we can experience in the here and now – no need to wait for eternity.

Please pray for me, I am far short and I am certainly among the very least in the Catholic Church.



My sister in law has seen angels in our grove behind our house when she was a child. It was Christmas morning. My other SIL saw an angel in my BIL’s house the day after their 9 week old daughter died of SIDS.

I’ve never seen one. That I know of, anyway.


I know some people who say they’ve seen angels. I haven’t. I don’t known that I want to, since whenever they appear in the Bible, the first thing they say is “do not be afraid”.

I have felt spiritual presences before. When I went to confession after over 20 years and the priest said the words of absolution, it was as if a weight rolled off my back. And there are times when I am in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament that I feel embraced by a warmth. But that’s about it.


Seems to me that any physical manifestation of an angel is an adaptation of that being to our senses; nothing about an angel is inherently physical. Only its reflection of God’s power provides the ability of a spiritual creature to take on physical properties.

Therefore, an angel possessing any supernatural glory perceived by the physical eyes (or ears, etc. etc.) would likely be going about some special business.

One could also postulate that a very devout person could become physically or mentally aware of the perceptions of their own metaphysical soul, and thus become physically aware of non-physical beings. Padre Pio comes to mind.

Personally, though, I have suspected the specific presence of an angel (as opposed to the spiritual awareness of God or spiritual nearness of a saint) on a handful of occasions, namely those involving homeless persons. Not to say that a homeless person was an angel “in cognito” (although I don’t discount the possibility) but more likely to say that our charity to the homeless seems to be very connected to the actions of God through His angels.

A certain memorable experience of mine was on vacation in Europe; being somewhat short on cash (since ATMs had heavy charges and I didn’t exchange too much upon arrival), I kept close watch on my wallet’s funds. After counting a specific amount of 20-Euro bills in my wallet (2, if I remember now), I encountered a homeless man on the side of the street. Counting again (and, honestly, with some slight hesitation, as a 20-Euro bill wasn’t something I was sure I was ready to instantly part with), I handed him one of my 20-Euro bills, as I decided that it had far greater potential in his hands than in the hands of an 18 year-old tourist :rolleyes: .

A few minutes later a close friend and I stopped to grab some ice cream. I checked my wallet again, but was somewhat confused; after counting my bills a few more times, I realized that I had the same amount of 20-Euro bills as before I gave one to the homeless man. I was, at first, astounded. Not much of a hugely miraculous experience, but I think God was telling me that in giving away to help others in greater need, I would lose nothing and that He would ultimately provide me with what I needed, sometimes more immediately and physically than other times, perhaps.

Also, a sort of “Doubting Thomas” friend nearby might have gotten a “hole in Christ’s hand” moment, so to speak, from this event. At least, now I know he’s involved heavily in Pro-Life activity and is becoming more active in his high school’s Christian Life community.

Herein, though, lies a problem with trying to publicize private miracles - anyone could claim that I simply miscounted my money at some point. There’s no way for me to PROVE what happened was miraculous, just as someone who encounters a physically-manifested angel cannot probably PROVE what happened to them. We can get into trouble when we start trying to fall back onto this sort of thing instead of faith, Scripture, and Tradition.


Thank you for sharing your story, C Bautista. And yes, I believe you.

I completely forgot about an angel story my mother told me. (Duh!!!)

A few years ago, my mother was in Africa on a missionary trip ( I can’t remember the name of the country - somewhere on the eastern side of the continent- I’ll have to ask here where exactly). Anyway, while on this trip, she contracted some illness, where she became extremely sick. (They think it was malaria by the signs/symptoms, but were not positive). She was so ill, that she and her traveling companions honestly thougt she was going to die from the high fevers, etc. They called in a local physician who stayed by her bedside for several hours at a time, gave her medicines, etc., but she remained very sick for a few days. Finally, she started feeling better, fever went away, etc., but she was still weak. She says that she was sitting up in bed, and it was about 2 a.m., and she was praying that she would get better soon. Suddenly, a beatiful creature was standing next to her bed, with it’s arms raised up. She describes it as being very tall (8ft or so), was black, and dressed in beatiful, tradtional African clothing. He stood there for a minute or so, and then disappeared. After that, she began to feel better. The next day, she was able to leave her room and within a few days was completly recovered from her illness.

When she got back to the states, she went to seveal dr’s to try to find out what her illness was. They all tell her that her symptoms sound like malaria, but when they do the bloodwork, there is no sign of malaria. The dr’s never did find out “for sure” what happened to her, but my mom gives all the credit to her “African angel.”


I’ve noticed in many websites I’ve read about angels that people always seem to report seeing an angel that’s about 8 feet tall.



I think I had an experience with an Angel the other night. My memory is vague, but I forgot to do something very, very important the other night before I went to bed. Something woke me straight out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night and I got up and took care of it (very, very unusual for me). I realized the next day that I was dreaming about angels and seeing St. Anthony…

I don’t know what happened. But I suspect some heavenly influence got my bum out of bed.


What did you do when you got up at that moment?


I have had a few runins with angels that I am aware of. Often they take the guise of regular people. But usually the messages are ones that cut to the bone. A feeling of authority and an intense stare along with advice that has deep meaning in what is on my mind. Sometimes I am fearful that I would need that much help to warrant visits. Then during “dry” times, I’m worried that I’m not in communion or that grace is rolling off me like water on a rock. I still struggle with an encounter and how it relates to my life. The angel taught from scripture and said to me “Behold, David counted his sheep and found they have multiplied”. I have no clue what to do with that or what the message was. Maybe it was a message that the Lord was pleased my family and I where going back to church, but I remember the trouble David got into when he took a censes of his people. Even with direct intervention, there is always an exercise of freewill in what to do with it. I wish they would just write me a list or something.:o Tim


I saw a pair of wings, in full extension and not flapping. The image was in the form of a silhouette; had no torso; and was keeping a speed in synch with the speed of my car. It was in my lane and the wingspan took up the full width of my lane. It maintained a constant distance at about 15-20 feet in front me and was very detailed with larger feathers graduated from the center. The image was on the road almost touching the surface (or so it appeared):slight_smile:


Got up and took care of some “family business”. :wink:


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