"I saw God face to face, and my life was spared"


I just started reading Eusebius of Caesarea’s Church History, and in it he claims that Jesus appeared to Jacob in the form of a man (which is why he named the place “the Vision of God”). He also says that He came to Abraham by the oak of Mamre.

Because Eusebius isn’t considered a saint (and he sympathized with the Arians), I’m wondering if these are valid interpretations. They seem to be plausible, but I want to make sure before “adopting” this belief.


Even if he had been canonized, that would not per se make the interpretation correct.



I know, but the fact that he isn’t makes me doubt even more.


It’s a valid interpretation.


No no… Theres TONS of things like that in Scriotire. It’s like that on purpose and without error. Those who read scripture outside the Church can be punished for even daring to read such a sacred thing.

Scripture is without error and everything in scripture is ‘acceptable and approved’ by God - and thus, it’s his own ‘word’. If we misinterpret, thats our fault. I’m now convinced that the Bible has safe gaurds and traps all around it. Once you overcome Job and what its really teaching us about, you wont think of Scrioture the same after that lol. Esther is also a great example and the Church is is NOT going to openly teach what things like Esther is teaching.

Christ commands us to be wise as serpents which means know what they know. To learn about their behavior on earth. Often, God teaches us about Himself by teaching whi he is NOT. Since God and Satan are in OPPOSITION to each other - thus, by our knowledge of the Serpent, we learm who God actually is by reason ‘i cannot fully know God, but i know he’s NOT that, therefore, i know more about God by who he is NOT’ - thats called negative theology and is among the easier ways to learn about God. Study Christs enemies. Ne wise as them. You reslly should since youtube has made it so easy.


The Catholic Church does not micro manage Bible interpretation. If it is an erroneous belief and the belief becomes prevalent, the Catholic Church will gather in ecumenical council and declare it a heresy. Up to that point, you are allowed to hold the belief.

All that we can say at this point, is that it does not contradict Catholic Teaching and is therefore plausible. It is more plausible because Scripture says:

1 Corinthians 10:4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

If the Rock that followed the Israelites in the desert was Christ, then Christ could have been any of the angels, humans and other creatures which appeared to the Israelites in the OT.

I hope that helps.


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