I saw "The Father Kino Story" on DVD tonight

Philip Sieve en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eusebio_Kino
Eusebio Francisco Kino S.J. established twenty-four missions and visitas (“country chapels”) and was known for his ability to create relationships between indigenous peoples and the religious institutions he represented.

Disclaimer: There is some near nudity in it, as some male Indians only have loincloths on, but the woman are fully-clothed. It’s a good real story to show those who think the colonists only spread disease and brutalized the Indians. That did happen too, and it covers that and how some Indians were mistreated in mining for silver used for the Church (which is corrected, after its reporting), but there were also Indians who wanted to be Catholic, nonetheless, as there were good missionaries who inspired that desire.

Ricardo Motalban and Cesar Romero (I’ve heard the name before) are in it.

Now, I want to watch la Virgen de Coromoto. It has an English version you can select. I’ve never heard of that true story.

Is this the film that stars Richard Egan as Fr. Kino?

It was excellent and we look for films like this to help our children understand that there were more than the Pilgrims who settled this vast country which is the only view they (we were all) are given in school.

Relocating to Florida and having to learn a new state’s history really broadened our horizons, as St. Augustine and our Pensacola area were settled early by the Spanish.
Pensacola just celebrated 450 years of history… of course it was under the CATHOLIC Spanish rather than the Protestant English which - somehow makes a difference to historians? Ah well. Another subject.

Other films we have seen: Seven Cities of Gold, starring Michael Rennie (original Day the Earth Stood Still) as Fr. Junipero Serra (some same actors as Fr. Kino, has a few tough scenes as was indicative of the times- young Indian girl, suicide and sacrifice of one guilty man so that a war was prevented). Then, in The Robe, Rennie is St. Peter.

A great place to ‘borrow’ films - many many Catholic saints stories , seems like an endless list: (Blsd) Mary Mckillop (Australia), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Monsieur Vincent, etc.) is the Family Resource Center, 321 Main Street, Peoria, IL 61602; (309) 637-1713. They have a wonderful, continually growing collection of videos: old VHS and new DVDs of anything worth watching and then some. Also audio books and pro-life tapes. One just needs to order the selection: up to 6 films, then pay for the postage (both coming and going). We get to see lots of great films, otherwise not available, and then we might track down and buy 1 out of dozens we’ve seen, that we’re sure we’ll watch again, and then we aren’t buying so many to collect dust here. We try to find reviews of the films on line and elsewhere.

Thanks for the info.! It was the one with Richard Egan.

That bottom movie I mentioned does have a woman in a breast covering but wearing a loincloth.  A man with her also wears one, in case that could be a temptation for anyone.  I haven't finished it yet.  It's a Univision one with English dubbing or captioned.  The collection is Collecion (sp?) Testigos de la Fe.  I forgot I have a Martin de Porres (or something like that) one.  I haven't seen it yet.
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