I say yes!!!!!!!!! :)

I am sooooooo excited and want to tell the world that I say yes to Jesus! I am not saying that I definitely will have a vocation… But I feel strongly enough that I am being called that I have decided to go ahead and treat this as my yes to God and, if it is not his will I believe he will stop it–but he’s going to have to stop it at this point. I am done wasting time on being unsure and scared of the unknowns. I am giving God my yes and I am giving up dating unless he makes it very clear to me that this is not what he wants for me after all. Now… I still have a long time before I consider actually applying, so I will look around and carefully discern communities I might feel called to and probably apply somewhere after another year or two if God opens that door and doesn’t close any others. And now that I have firmly given God my yes in my heart, I feel such a peace in the thought of a future in religious vocation… I am so excited now! So… I just wanted to share. Please pray for me in my active discernment process!!! Thanks and God bless!

Wonderful!! :hug1:

May guiding angels lead you confidently and joyfully in your walk with the Lord, and with clear discernment and confidence. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :o

Yes, it’s true that once you say yes you feel peace!! :smiley:

Possibly seek a Spiritual Director to help you discern Gods will for you.
Spiritual Directors are a great blessing.
Pray lots (The Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet have helped me heaps) attend Mass as often as possible, do spiritual reading such as the Bible and good Catholic books,
And pray often that you may do whatever God wills for your life. Try and always be open to doing His will.

You are in my prayers :slight_smile: :gopray:

I say God be with you, man!!! :slight_smile:

May God Bless you. I will certainly pray for you.:slight_smile:

I am woman :slight_smile: :blush: But thanks!

& thanks everyone!!!

Wonderful! Praying for you.


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