I speak the word of God as I hear


God first
I speak the word of God as I hear!

Here sat looking into the open sky to hear the truth as God tells me not that am greater than you but because Christ has call me. Some you think of it as words from my heart or my spiritual heart I do know what you call it.

The Holy Spirit moves me to write and that all I know to do while some think is wrong for me to write but ask is not God the same today as he was two thousand years ago. It is a blessing to write has spirit moves me and I do my best only write as spirit moves me when I am written these words you read.

Now my reply is my five senses but when I am wrote to you by my spirit but now my mind gets into it at times because I am human. It is importance to me to write by the spirit in me to write just like, it must been to Apostle Paul.

I wish sometimes I had a way with words like Apostle Paul does but I not Apostle Paul but God is using me like he can use you. Here I go hearing things that agree with Apostle Paul words but not adding to Apostle Paul words one word.

Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans but he did not write the book of Genesis which means he was alive he could add to Romans but not Genesis. Nor can I add to Genesis or Romans but I only add to what I write myself.

No man can add to my words but they can translate it into easier words so they can understand because I know my style is a littler odd. Some will call my words holy but I do not see them as greater than other man alive or dead there just words.

Am I a holy man I guess so because I love God and Jesus Christ but are I in a group with Apostle Paul you tell me? Now I do not want to get big headed because I am only human of flesh and bone.

I understand I am weak just like Apostle Paul was weak but he fought a good fight and stood his ground all his life. I can only hope I can say that when my death is near and Christ is please with my walk.

I am getting tired now my eyes are getting heavy and I will rest now good night. May you have peace until you met Christ in the air and with love Roy.


May God’s love and peace be with you, Roy. I will pray for you. I hope you will pray for good things for the rest of the CAF members here, including myself.
God Bless


God told me to tell you that you’re listening to an impostor.


God first

Hi mary1173 and Cluny

mary1173 - yes God bless and I love you

Cluny – God would told me first so I love you but do believe you

love Roy


Perhaps you should consider passing God’s words through a grammar checker.


The Apostle Paul didn’t think as highly of himself.


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