I started a war yesterday


Hi all…I’m feeling sort of badly about a coment that I made yesterday on weight watchers’ site. there is a thread titled “spiritual space” and for the year or more that I’ve been posting there, pretty much everyone that I exchanged with was a good Catholic or christian person. For the past week or so there have been dozens of threads that were mean, insulting and even threatening to Christian people. these threads were coming from the “spiritual-not religious” folks. Well, I started a thread talking about how negative things have gotten and how I really wish WW would allow believers to have our own space where we could exchange conversation without the pagans getting involved and boy- it all broke loose! I’ve never gotten so many insults. I guess that I just don’t feel like I’m being fed there anymore, so I have erased that site from my computer and I will now just come here for fellow Catholic fellowship and spiritual nourishment. I think that it will benefit me much more to come here where fellow Catholics hang out and to learn much more about our faith. thanks for your listening ear-twk


Maybe you should write to the moderators and start a new Forum on CAF specifically for those who stuggle with weight problems.
I think it would be great for those who stuggle in this area to have a safe Catholic/ Christian environment where they can talk about the Spiritual stuff as well.

Well done for making the desicion to leave that other website.
“If you are not welcome, shake the dust from your feet as you leave.” :thumbsup:

God Bless


Amen Pat- thanks for your support. I think that there is already one sort of weight related thread here and I’ll check that out! thanks again-twk


we start an new ww/workout support thread each month, check it out.



I have posted on other sites too and have found the people/discussions here to be the most compassionate and least judgmental. Try not to take the negative comments personally and happy posting here! :thumbsup:


We are in a spiritual war for the Truth. I’m sorry you felt like you had to leave there - maybe consider going back after some time has passed and tempers have calmed. It’s never easy being Catholic - and I don’t think that Christ ever intended it to be easy.

Fight the good fight - we are in this war to win souls.



Sure is funny how the trumpeters of ‘tolerance’ can’t stand mere Christianity.


Nobody likes to hear the truth. And a lot of people have trouble with The Truth. WW’s loss. Our gain.


I know what you mean. I was on a legal forum and I thought I wrote a compassionate response to a thread and two other posters called me an “idiot” for going that way, for according to them it doesn’t help the OP. It was crazy. I left that forum also.


No pun intended… :slight_smile:


It sounds to me that, as long as you didn’t insult other people in the thread you started, you have nothing to feel bad about.


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