I still do not understand Free-Will

Why does God give us free-will, yet we must follow his plan for our lives? We must be receptive and obedient. That does not sound like free-will to me. During this Lent season, I developed a well-formed conscience, I cannot commit the same sins I used without feeling a strong sense of guilt. I feel bad for committing sins that hurt others. I hate the idea I cannot do what I want with my own body. I just feel forced to submit to God’s will because ultimately He knows what is best for us. I must marry the man Christ wants for me and any afflictions I face, I mustn’t complain because Christ suffered worse. If I sin, which I WILL mostly like til the day I die, I will be punished for it. Humans are predisposed to sin though.

In my earlier post, I expressed a desire to act in pornographic films, except I do not want to embarrass my future self, hurt my father, damage my family’s reputation.

If I were intelligent enough and less sensitive, there are many sins I desire to commit but because of my personality, I cannot do them, it would hurt me.

If a sin does not hurt the doer, then why is it still a sin?

Maybe it may because I have a controlling, over-protective, although caring and loving father, maybe that is why I am so TURNED OFF by the idea of OBEYING CHRIST.

By definition, every sin hurts the doer. Every sin moves one away from God. Being away from God hurts you.

Thank You. I think I will try talking to a parish priest. This is ultimate question I cannot answer. I cannot find any rest in. God Bless You for your Answer

I suggest reading the Catechism Section 3, Section 1, Chapter 1:

Article 2 on Beatitude
Article 3 on Freedom
Article 7 on Virtue

Authentic freedom is freedom to do the good. It is a misunderstanding of freedom to believe that freedom means “doing whatever you want”. That is a misnomer.

It seems pointless. I will sin tomorrow. The effects of my sins are not wiped away, because I am forgiven. We ask the Lord for forgiveness even though we will sin again. It is always our fault for sinning though. Our “unholy” thoughts and desires are sinful. The only way to enter heaven is to be like Christ, which cannot do on our own.

But it’s an initial Grace that you despise your sin. Think of it being in a boxing match. You keep getting knocked down again…and again.

Just get back up. And try again.

Eventually God will supply the Grace we need to master our selves. But he wants us to keep trying. Not to give up.

If I were intelligent enough and less sensitive, there are many sins I desire to commit but because of my personality, I cannot do them, it would hurt me.

If a sin does not hurt the doer, then why is it a sin.

All sin hurts the doer. Maybe the doer does not realize it, but nonetheless, it hurts the doer.

No offense, but I think it would be helpful for you to talk to a therapist. Just an idea.

We who live for and hopefully, as Jesus, will only do as Jesus would do. Clothe the naked, Feed the hungry, Visit the imprisioned, Visit the sick, and love all people. Can you see Jesus performing in a porn film?? What would Jesus do is a question that will guide you. A dog will mate w any female dog in heat. I hope you don’t go around doing that w females in fertile circles. If your married, your wife could be at work and you could get a romantic feeling. Are you going to open the door and pull any girl in and have sex w her. No. You wait for your wife. You have free will to make good choices. Holy choices. That is free will. Now, do you want to go to jail?? Do you want to get STD’s?? Go have free for alls. Do everything the devil would do. It might feel good but you will go to hell and get sick on this earth along the way. that is free will. A VERY BAD FREE WILL. Heaven or Hell. Jesus or Satan. Human or Animal=free will. Got it yet. God open hiseyes and give him wisdom. He is just looking for an excuse to sin. Shame on you. Lord let him see himself as you see him. Let him see Himself as you know he can be.
St. Michael, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbley pray. And do thou Oh Prince of the Heavenly Hosts,By the divine power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil Spirits, Who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. All for the sake of His Sorrowful Passion have Mercy on us and on the whole world.
in Christs’ name
tweedlealice :frowning:

When unholy thoughts come in take your eyes off the thing that is tempting you and start quoting scripture verses. I like Jeremiah 29:11 I have a plan for you.It is a plan for good and not for evil…" Say it over and over. Read Paul’s prayer for us and memorize it. Ephesians 3:14 till end of prayer. " I fall on my knees before the Lord, praying that you will know the love of God to the height, and breadth and depth and lenght the soul can love…" It goes something like that. To realize the depth ot the love God has for us humbles us so that our sinning mind stops. “He who the Son sets free is free indeed.” You are free from sin because of what Jesus did on the cross. If you fill your mind up w this and say the rosary and the Chaplet of mercy, your sinful thoughts are gone. This we as Christians have the privilege of over those of the Muslim faith. They keep looking at woman as sex object ans bury them under Burkas. I have had an experience w some yemenese I knowin NC> It really was funny. The books I have studied on the “ARAB MIND” states they think of sex 75% of the day. I emailed the grand Ayatollah Sistani and gave him a few suggestions in the Koran that these men could fill their minds up with besides sex. Then, they have to take ritual baths. Oh well, one tries to make a difference.
May we all have minds and hearts as Jesus, loving all His children and finding peace. in Jesus name. Amen.

No. I could not imagine Jesus starring in a porn film. Lol. I am actually not a male. I guess most would assume I am.

Yes, it can be true that the imperfections of our relationships with our parents can be carried over into our own perception of our relationship with God and create blocks and conflicts.

Therapy AND good spiritual direction would be helpful.

Your statements seem confused and off the track. It might be good to learn more basic catechism. Start simple. Really build a solid foundation for your life. Figure out the difference between true freedom and license. Read and talk about free will with bright, mature people.

The porn world is a scary deadend. Stay away if you want a life.

God’s will flows from His nature, which is pure Goodness. He can only will what is best for us. When we sin, we separate ourselves from Him, because sin is contrary to the will of God, which does it the opposite; it unites us to Him.

We are free to sin, just as we are free to take poison, but it will make us sick and unhappy. All happiness comes from God.

I want my children to go swimming with me, my children want to go swimming with me but I tell them to behave or they won’t go.

Why should I bully them into going or why should they still get to go even if the misbehave all day?

I hope you are patient. :thumbsup:

This beginning sentence assures me that you accept the truth that God exists. That is a wonderful essential choice because it recognizes that God is different from us and yet, God wants to interact with us in order to bring us to His abode in joy eternal.

I know that the first three chapters of Genesis is not a science text book written by a Ph.D. scientist. But, for a moment, consider the dramatic shift from Genesis 1: 25 to Genesis 1: 26. Obviously, Genesis 1: 1, God is the Creator of all, covers everything both physical and spiritual on planet earth. However, there is a split between non-human beings and the human person. Then God said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

Being in the image of God involves a lot of things. For now, may we explore the idea that because we are spiritual (image), God and ourselves can communicate with each other? What topics would you say that God discusses with humans? What do you want to discuss with God? Your comments include many points. Would you be able to choose a couple as a start? Free will allows us to be argumentative. It can be important to question God when it comes to our free will choices.

The shift from Genesis 1: 25 to Genesis 1: 26 demonstrates our uniqueness. It is my humble opinion, that once we get into a discussion about God and ourselves, we will find the necessity of free will. But first, we need to speak freely as you are already doing. This older than dirt granny needs to tackle just a few items at a time.

A follow up to post 14.

Source of information is the CCC,* Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition*.
Links. usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catechism/catechism-of-the-catholic-church/


Using the first chapter of Genesis as a guide, we find a major difference between the animals and ourselves. Being in the image of God means that we are capable of not only communicating with God, but also sharing in His life here on earth and in heaven following bodily death. (CCC Glossary, Sanctifying Grace, page 898)

In my opinion, one of the key considerations is this question. “Why does God give us free-will, yet we must follow His plan for our lives?” However, we really cannot answer this question because the “plan for our lives” is not described and explained. In post 1, there are a number of actions and situations; but, they do not get to the
nitty-gritty of God’s plan for our lives.

God invites us to “share, by knowledge and love, in God’s own life.” (CCC 356) God created each one of us as a rational being who can control our own actions. In this way, we can freely seek our Creator and “freely attain His full and blessed perfection by cleaving to Him.” (CCC 1730) Follow up paragraphs are CCC 1731-1734.

“Freely attain His blessed perfection” refers to the Beatific Vision which will be present to us in heaven. ( CCC Glossary, Beatific Vision, page 867)

Our free will is actually pointed toward heaven. We can choose our actions in keeping with the Ten Commandments. Or we can choose another course of actions that lead us away from God’s true plan which gets us to joy eternal after bodily death. Free will means that we have the secure chance that we can be forgiven for disobeying God’s commandments. We are able to choose sorrow for some wrongful action. This choice leads to God. Free will means that we can ask for God’s help in whatever circumstances make up our lives.

But did those scenarios help you w free will?? Animals go on instinct. " I smell girl in heat where is she, where is she?? THERE SHE IS! Dog girl’s bones get jumped.
Human free will boy is romantically inclined and not a sex addict or criminal. Hmm, i wonder is Jane is home.? Phone call.Jane dear, would you like to have dinner tonight and spend the night w me(not Catholics or devout ones). Gosh Joe I really would like to but my last exam is tomorrow and I have to ace it. Saint Joe, offers to go over and help and bring chinese and puts romance on for the next night. Helps Jane. They have a hot date the next night. In fact, he proposes and they become devout, faithful Catholics. Nice story line. Free will.

What would Jesus do?? What would Mary do??

I am 67 yo orthopedic cripple I can walk but airplane rides-wheel chairs.
My husband is 73yo on oxygen. Romance is different. I have no libido. i have to read Irish (my husband is from Ireland) and Scottish romance books. I try to get the cleaner ones. In lent while I am reading spiritual books, celibacy is happening. Fortuantely I had surgery and we have till April 15th before I have to be married again. Poor guy. He turns blue during activity. He could die during the process. Visions of sugar plums dance in my head. Any way. In sickness and in health, till death due us part. It is scary. Pray for us.
This is another example of free will and obedience in marriage.

Free will is not a license to sin. It is a gift to give you the courage not to sin. Knowing God will give you the grace not to sin. You see that sexy cowboy strutting down the street w his six pack abdomen. His shirt over his shoulder. Sin personified. You start praying Grace, Lord. Grace Lord. You could say hi. Look for a wedding ring. They don’t always wear one working w cattle and stuff. Is the rodeo in town?? Can I buy you a drink.
Are you going w someone or married? Lucky filly. Well enjoy your drink fella. YOU GOTTA WALK AWAY. Dang, dang dang. God I want one of those, Please.
That is free will. No sin. Keep w him=sin.

Have fun. God has someone for youl High aids count in porn actors’/actresses.
Have a Blessed Easter. He has suffered and died and rose again for our Sins. We can go home to the Father because of all Jesus did. Hallelujah.
In christs love

Cracus?? I hope that is right. You got sucked into pornography. You may need to go to a deliverence ministry. Talk to your priest. You may enjoy the way your body looks and want the attention you will get in a porn film. Your Spirit is fighting it. You have a love and respect for your Dad and family and it would kill them to see a beloved daughter of theirs in sexual promiscuityl AIDS is prevalent in this community. If the money is pulling you, look for another job that may pay less but you won’t die from it. Rejoice is the goodness in the love in your family… You know free will. You want to sin. But you know the cost is too steep as it could kill your Dad. That is your love and your free will. You know what is right and your holding strongl God is proud of you and so is your Dad. He may never know this battle you are having but he is proud of you. Go to church and rejoice in God your Saviour. in Christs love, tweedlealice

Why do we have character flaws that are sins? Character flaws seem innate. Some people by nature more bossy, pushy, impatient, lethargic, impulsive. All these are recipes for sins. I cannot say people truly overcome their character faults. I know people well into their 60’s who are still pushy, rude, even vain about their looks. For whatever reason, humans cannot make themselves perfect.

What character flaws are sins?

Character flaws seem innate. Some people by nature more bossy, pushy, impatient, lethargic, impulsive. All these are recipes for sins. I cannot say people truly overcome their character faults. I know people well into their 60’s who are still pushy, rude, even vain about their looks. For whatever reason, humans cannot make themselves perfect.

People who reject God’s grace choose to be less than perfect. Perfection is possible with God’s help.

Because He wants us to love Him. Love is a voluntary thing, Without free will we cannot choose to love someone. If it is forced, it is not real love.

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