I still do not understand this part of the bible

By now, it is a complete overkill. Again, there is no excuse for sin. Yet we will inevitably sin. I read if you think of death you will never sin. I’m a little too young to consider my demise as a reality. God is patience with us. My stubbornness is not going to disappear overnight. Bad habits, vices, & sin to do disappear overnight. As much I have willpower, I will sin in my thoughts or feelings probably tomorrow. Now that I am on summer vacation, I have enough time to read the bible, meditate, pray, etc that is because I am in the comfort of my home with my close-knit Catholic family. I am leaving for university in a few years. It is very easy to be close to God in my home environment. At school, there are parties, people are various beliefs, easily accessible sex, etc. There are many temptations at school. AGAIN NO EXCUSE FOR SIN. It feels much easier to follow God when you are in control of your environment. Maybe Jesus is more . understanding than I imagine. It’s weird concept. You are fully responsible for your free-will. No excuse for sin. I guess it depends on how you view life. I guarantee you twenty-years from now, I will still have a problem with some sin.

To what part of the Bible are you actually referring? You don’t cite it here.

What to do when faced with tons of temptation? I always have a (bad) tension between appearing normal to others and becoming holy…

Actually, being close to God really does work. Esp if you have a good confessor, but even if you don’t weekly confession (which I was finally able to do for a while this past year) is super at helping. You get grace to help stay out of sin, and you get the human aspect of seeing and reporting your problem areas. Pray one of the old Prayers Before Confession and really think about your week (daily examens help with this), and be very serious and honest about your sins, no matter how small.

And maybe your schedule would allow you to attend Mass 1-5 times during the week, but in either case, continuing to read the Bible, and praying about what you read when something touches you (mental prayer) will be very helpful. Check out St Francis de Sales’ Inteoduction to the Devout Life (can be found online)–he has lots of advice for those who live in the world.

Even the saints went to confession: you will never feel “finished.” Just strive to stay close to God and do your best, *always asking for His help! *

Mortal sin - is death. Needing Confession right away to be restored to true life.

Venial sin - yes is something we struggle with daily - they are called indeed “daily sins”.

Something we must struggle with -and repent of quickly (unrepented venial sins can dispose towards falling into a mortal sin).

Venial sins are forgiven in many ways -acts of perfect or even imperfect contrition, prayer, reading Sacred Scripture, the Mass, Holy Communion, the prayerful use holy water, other sacramentals, little short prayers during the day, acts of love etc. Of course regular confession is very recommended as well. But do not wait for confession…

Hold fast to Jesus of Nazareth - in lectio divina, the Sacraments, prayer, short prayers throughout your day (and night) forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=12079236#post12079236

Avoid near occasions of sin. Do a little mortification. Keep turning towards the Lord.

Make a devotional renewal of your baptismal promises each morning - it can be very simple: Lord Jesus Christ, I am a Christian and I will follow you - you are the Lord.

Read this from Pope Benedict XVI: (starting with second paragraph -but the first too is wonderful news):


It is something for us all to read frequently.

Not all will sin.

what do you mean by not all will sin?

Why do you have to appear “normal”? By whose standards? Even what most think others are doing is not reality? Numerous studies have shown post-secondary students routinely over estimate amounts of sex, e.g., their peers are engaging in.

Your devout and faithful actions are the new evangelization.

I am out of school now but work with a few people who are Christians outside of the Church and am very honest with my spirituality and faith. Even the “nones” who are interested in the metaphysical I will share ideas and talk with. We exist in the world but do not conform to it.

Attend daily mass if you can (you probably will not be able to much until retirement); read scripture prayerfully and seek out Catholic commentary, pray (the Rosary is easy, quick enough to do daily and repeatedly in the day, become a member in online catholic networks like this one or Fr. Z’s blog to challenge and support you…)

Well, not all will sin, from this point forward. Mary was fully human and had a free will but she was sinless. And while we are all born into original sin, we are remedied of that through baptism. Many many human beings have died baptized before the age of reason, so they are sinless. Tradition Holds that John the Baptist, Joseph and others have been sinless. Many saints have corrected sin and die sinless. Jesus told sinners to go and sin no more, Forgiving them of sins and requiring sinlessness. And when we confess we promise (with God’s help) to sin no more.

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