I struggle to pray the Rosary

I am reading books on the Rosary and its divine origins and listening to Catholic podcasts stressing the importance of praying it daily. I do pray it daily, and I truly wish to be a great devotee of the Rosary. I wish to teach it to others and increase its devotion. How can I, however, when I get distracted easily? No, don’t say something like, “Meditate on each mystery. Create a picture in your head.” That’s redundant advice. Clearly, we have to meditate on the mysteries, and I do that already…for a short time, because then my mind stealthily turns to other far less serious matters, like replaying a rundown of the day. I used to watch videos because they’d show images of each mystery, and that would keep me more grounded to the present. But I jettisoned the videos for the pleasure of reciting the Rosary on my own. But, I reiterate, my mind is fugitive. I don’t mean it to be, and I fear offending God and our Lady. Whenever I finish saying a Rosary, I ask Mary to please accept it, however imperfect. I am in dread that I’ve been praying “wrong.” Maybe I am not sincere enough, but I feel that I am. I have good intentions, but the execution is subpar. Sometimes I grow discouraged and consider quitting, but I don’t.

I know our Lady is more merciful, but in the messages from her many apparitions she sounds like a strict mother.

I struggle too to keep focus. What helps me is to ‘distribute’ the Rosary during the day. A decade when I have a quiet moment, an other decade while I am taking a walk in the neighborhood etc.
By the way, come join the perpetual Rosary thread and add your own ‘bead’ while we are trying to pray together. :heart:

I’d really rather you don’t put too much stock on what this-or-that apparition said. Pray it because the Church warmly recommends it, and then do it the best you can, which is all God asks of you. The Catechism teaches us that prayer is a battle, and that involuntary distractions are neither wrong nor sinful. The choice comes when you become aware that you have been distracted, then you need to decide: entertain the distraction, or turn back to God? Here is where the act of the will comes in, and you can win small victories.

Prayer with involuntary distractions remains true prayer.


The Rosary is such a wonderful gift from our lord to give us spiritual nourishment.

I like to pray whilst kneeling and found going to a private room with gregorian music in the background helps.

As catholics we are so lucky that we have this powerful prayer.

God bless you


Im just like you. Praying the rosary will often at times wonder my head thinking about other things. I do this usually while driving to work so its kind of hard to do the whole listen to the music and see images, although Ive found ways to get around distractions.

2 thinge can help, 1, like another person said distribute a decade throughout the day. Its easier to pray a decade every hour or so when you can focus easily on a decade, it still counts as a rosary.

2, which is what I do, mention the mystery and think of prayer intentions. So for example, while I pray the joyful mysteries I will also pray on every bead I can a person or group who needs prayer. I like to follow the format for the 5 decades;

Family and friends, teachers, world leaders, sick and poor, those I forgotten about and myself at the end

Its a bit different than actually focusing on the mysteries which I got to focus on to, but its helped me so much on not having my mind wander so much :slight_smile: sometimes its a good thing that we pray and our mind thinks in these situations, better to think in the mind of prayer.

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I thought about playing Gregorian music too but I didn’t know if it’d be disrespectful. I actually started playing it while praying a novena, but, again, was not sure how displeasing it’d be to God.

I don’t like to spread out the decades throughout the day. I actually like to say them in one sitting. I actually find it harder to do what you suggest because I get lazy, sadly. Also, I like to pray the Rosary before leaving for work. I don’t like to go out anywhere without its protection. If I don’t return home, at least I will have died after reciting it.

I dont really spread them out either, I just thought that advice was food for thought.

And yeah everyone gets lazy, I do to, especially when its reciting the hail marys like 50 times. But everyone has their way of keeping focus, thankfully prayer intentions keep me at bay. What I used to do with the intentions is mention them first, but my mind would wander!

So just my two cents and, also, theres really no wrong way to pray a rosary. We got the beautiful 5 decade one, but even 3 hail marys are just as good! Not trying to put down any prayer, because thats what it is, devotion.

When I can focus on a rosary, God knows.
When I can only focus on 3 hail marys for the morning or so, God understands that were only human.
Now we also got to keep pray without ceasing in mind to :3 just always good to remember that God understands if your mind wanders a bit, we just ppl

Does anyone know of online rosary prayer groups?

There is nothing wrong about dividing the Rosary during the day, even the Church accepts that practice. I found it very useful not only because I have a short attention span but also fits better if you have an odd schedule (taking care of kids, continuous interruptions for various reasons etc). For example in my case if I would play Gregorian chants as a background it would totally distract me. Everybody is different, the important is the love and the devotion you put in the prayer (with one or 1000 Hail Marys…)

I recently came across

It has meditations on all the mysteries definitely enough for each decade

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Of course you can play music while you pray.

A suggestion…

When you are aware that your mind has wandered to a subject other than the mystery of the rosary, just gently bring it back. Every time that happens you are choosing the prayer over the distraction. That is very good!

Our Blessed Mother may sound like a strict mother, but it is because she loves us so much.


Please remember praying the Rosary is still a private devotion and there is no mandate from the Church that we pray the Rosary. While it is a beautiful devotion we can gain many graces, there are other devotions where many graces can be found.

I really don’t have a lot of advice on how to stay focused as I struggle with it also.


If you can go to a Church and pray with a group of people it is a great way to focus more easily in the Rosary. Also, looking at videos that shows us the rosary mysteries and religious music might help to set the correct mood.

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I used to watch videos, but I am not sure how the Virgin Mary and God feel about this form of devotion through videos. I am sure He’s okay with it since He gave us the reason and intelligence that led to technology. Even so, I wonder if He’d prefer us to recite the Rosary in the old-fashioned way.

You might want to try a Scriptural Rosary, which has a verse from the Bible before every prayer. I have a book for this titled “The Mysteries of Christ” which is available from Amazon.

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I do not see anything wrong with looking at videos to help you focus on the rosary, however it might not be suitable if praying in a group. The key for me is to have my mind on the rosary and it’s mysteries, and videos do help me to set the mood right, along with religious background music.


Sometimes when I simply can’t pull myself together enough to concentrate, I’ll pull up a picture online of the different mysteries.


Contemplate how that mystery relates to whatever scene pops up from your day. Say I’m praying the mystery of the visitation. My mind brings up a moment from my day when my mom called & I didn’t take the time to talk to her. What could the Blessed mother be telling me at that moment?

Or maybe a stranger came up to me asking for directions, how can the visitation illuminate that moment?

Or I remember I forgot to pay the light bill… this one I might tell Satan to get behind me & get back to my prayer.

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