I struggle to pray the Rosary

God sees your efforts and so does Our Lady . Please don’t lose heart in praying the Rosary . I think it was St louis de montfort who said that when we find the Rosary hardest to pray but we persevere in it, it is the most meritorious. Always remember that … keep persevering in it , because the enemy will do everything he can to try and prevent you from praying it.

What might be a good idea , is to memorise scriptural passages and recall them before each Hail Mary in each mystery so that your mind is constantly worked which means it is harder to get distracted .

Our Blessed mother isnt a strict mother , shes a loving mother . She pleads for us to pray her Rosary every day , she doesn’t force it on us . She knows the benefits for us if we do pray her Rosary , for our souls and salvation, so much so that she has attached 15 promises for faithful recitation of the Rosary. Talk to her in prayer if your struggling and she will obtain for you graces to improve it .


You might try a different devotion. Or, go to adoration and offer the Rosary in Christ’s presence.

Still, if your entire Rosary is spent simply calling your mind back to the contemplation of the life of Christ, it is time well spent.

My best Rosary I ever said was once on EACH and EVERY Hail Mary and Our Father I offered for a different person or intention. I would before each prayer just say in my head offered for----------. Talk about powerful.


The fact that you’re stressing out about it probably means you’re doing fine, and not just doing it to get through it. I like listening to music while I pray it and I find I stay pretty focused. Sometimes my mind wanders and I bring it back. Another piece of advice is to do a decade here or there throughout the day to stay more focused on just the single decade.

I’ll admit that sometimes I do it out of obligation, but even then I hope Mary will intercede on my behalf so that God can inflame my heart with love for the Rosary. Even when I feel “pressured” to do it, I feel happy that I did afterward.

I often ‘drift off’ during the Rosary, sometimes I can ‘miss’ most of a decade. It bothers me little bit too at times.

Maybe we should just pray it as best we can without stressing over it. We are all imperfect so what we offer up will be imperfect. If our minds drift to mundane things during the Rosary then perhaps offer up these mundane things as part of our prayer.

Perhaps we shouldn’t worry if we are ‘praying right’, but perhaps we should take St Padre Pio’s advice of “Pray, hope and don’t worry”?

As far as our mother Mary goes, I think she is so gentle and kind, and ready to throw her warm arms around us in a hug. I think she loves her children with a warm tenderness.

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You are in excellent company if you struggle to pray the Rosary.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, a Carmelite nun called to contemplative
life, had a similar struggle. And she’s considered the greatest
saint of modern times. Here are some excerpts from her memoir
“Story of a Soul.”

When alone (I am ashamed to admit it) the recitation
of the rosary is more difficult for me than the wearing of an
instrument of penance
. … I force myself in vain to meditate
on the mysteries of the rosary; I don’t succeed in fixing my
mind on them.

For a long time I was desolate about this lack of devotion
which astonished me, for I love the Blessed Virgin so much
that it should be easy for me to recite in her honor prayers
which are so pleasing to her. Now I am less desolate; I think
that the Queen of heaven, since she is my MOTHER,
must see my good will and she is satisfied with it.

Source: St. Thérèse on Prayer, EWTN

You can try praying with an app as I do. I have the Rosary Delux
app on my iPad and iPhone. I also have a set of holy cards,
arranged by mystery. I focus on these photos while I pray along with
the app.

And please join us on the perpetual Rosary thread.


If you’re praying of the Rosary is subpar it’s only because you’re human and that’s completely normal. It’s the effort that counts not the perfection of it. We have to be careful of thinking that we’re supposed to be perfect at praying. Something that I learned from a priest years ago helped me tremendously. The advice is this:

When you’re first starting out praying the Rosary or if you’re just going through a period of life where you’re very distracted, (which can last for years by the way depending upon the stress of our lives) just aim to focus on meditating for the first four Hail Marys. That’s it! Then the rest of the time just focus on the words. This technique helps to take the pressure off of ourselves. We just strive to pay close attention to the meditation for only four beads and then let ourselves relax. When I tried this years ago it did wonders for me. It took the pressure off and amazingly I found that I wound up meditating for more Hail Marys because I was more relaxed.

But even if you can’t meditate that well, it’s ok. Sometimes in life we just can’t. Even the saints recognize that. Even if you can only meditate for one bead it’s still good in the eyes of Jesus and Mary. The more difficult it is for you and yet you still do it, the more merit there is in it. So don’t lose heart.

Hope this helps!


I struggle with my attention span during the rosary as well. I find that using this book and its long version of the rosary, where you say a verse between each Hail Mary, helps me to stay focused.

Pray the Rosary https://www.amazon.com/dp/0899420524/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_OfiYDbCK2WN09

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We all struggle to stay focused on the prayers and meditating on the prayers as we pray.
The devil is distraction.
Take a few second and say, Lord help me to stay focused on the Rosary. That usually helps when I am distracted. :slightly_smiling_face::pray::pray::pray:


This is a great thread ,and a comfort knowing it can be a common issue.I love the rosary and the mind wandering is a little distressing.It is so reassuring understanding that the will to want to really pray ,determination to keep going is of great value.
As someone mentioned,I’ve taken up asking my guardian angel to help finish my rosary if I fall asleep at the end of the day :slight_smile:
A priest once mentioned about inching along with the rosary during the day when I was very busy and distracted with my little children(God bless him)
I must get back out in the evening and walk saying my rosary as that worked so well with focus. Starting today ! :sweat_smile:

I’m reading her memoir right now and it is indeed very good.

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You could also pray the Little Office of the Virgin Mary, which is less repetitive. A Carmelite priest told me that they are equally valid for anyone invested in the Brown Scapular.

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In Confession this past Sunday, Father suggested I say the Rosary while walking . I told him the doctors have ordered me to go for morning walks. So he said “say the Rosary when you go for your walk , it will connect your body with your soul”. I am 2 days in and wow , Father was right.


Wow…and i thought i was hard on myself!

Do you get angry when a child can’t give you perfect, undivided attention? You think your Mother will be equally harsh?!

The apostles kept falling asleep when Christ asked them to watch with him for an hour and he didn’t reject them for doing so.


I struggle with distractions while praying the Rosary. My mind wonders off thinking on things that are not important, I just bring my mind back to focus on the mystery, God knows we are only human, we are weak and can lose concentration but He also knows we are trying our best. Even the Saints were distracted at times! Every Rosary is heard, we strengthen our spiritual prayer life by soldering on and ignoring distractions as hard as it can be. I here cursing, mocking the mystery etc sometimes when I’m praying the Rosary, who do you think is behind that? Ignore and pray on, God knows you are trying your best and that’s all we can do.

Thank you, I will try this.

I day the rosary every day, and my mind seems to be constantly wondering. I need to work on this. I am.not saying it’s ok to just be complacent about not staying focused during the rosary, but I am saying I think it very common. I suspect everyone who says a daily rosary, even if they no longer have the problem, did have it at one time. If we all give up because we don’t stay focused, no one would be saying rosaries.


Pope Benedict XVI strolled and said the Rosary every day. If he’s healthy enough, I’m sure he still does it.



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