I Survived a Failed Abortion, Now My Second Baby is Coming

I Survived a Failed Abortion, Now My Second Baby is Coming

How could my biological mother have ever fathomed that as she attempted to abort me in 1977 that she was not only ending the life of her child, but she was wiping out every future generation to come from that one life-her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, her great-great grandchildren?


You’re a rare star, Juliee. I wish you and all your generations well. Your story certainly gives cause for thought… God forgive us for that part of mankind whom we have denied.

Praise the Lord

What a wonderful grace, that you survived, and are now a mother yourself.
Thank you for sharing a story from your own life that may inspire other mothers considering abortion to re-think their intention.
Juliee, you are a truly welcome person!

This is a remarkable story. Melissa Ohden was born alive on what was supposed to be her death day following a saline abortion. She survived, and was adopted. It wasn’t until age 14 that she learned that her birth mother intended for her to be born dead.

To me this story brings out the truly horrific proportions of the abortion regime. It isn’t just that so many are killed, that is bad enough. It’s also that we are also deprived of those childrens’ children and grandchildren, a cascade of nihilism from what should have been new life. Had the saline abortion been successful, not only would Melissa have been dead, but her daughter shown in the photo here, would never have been conceived.

How many now living are missing brothers, sisters, grandchildren who would have been but are not? It is truly a tragedy, a generational genocide.

Here is Melissa’s website: melissaohden.com/bio

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