I talk to myself out loud

I talk to myself out loud, all day long. I also talk to God out loud as well. Is this strange? (and no I don’t want to know if it is a sin, because it isn’t). I always thought it was normal until someone told me it was strange that I would talk to myself out loud.

What’s wrong with talking to myself or God out loud? I try to keep it at a low voice (although at times I can yell short bursts). Does talking out loud always require another human being to answer or listen to you? I don’t think so.

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I find neither strange. In fact, I often talk to myself out loud, and I know others who do the same. Years ago, someone told me talking to oneself is a sign of intelligence… :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t2:

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking out loud to God.

Having said all that, context is important. There’s a difference between talking to oneself in the privacy of one’s home and doing so in public, or saying things like “okay, that’s done—now on to that sink full of dirty dishes” and having entire discourses or even arguments while alone.

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I used to do it at work all the time, especially when we had a lot of things to do all at once. It helped me to prioritize, and I didn’t mind if anyone else heard me. In fact, we would often get a good laugh out of it, but it also let whoever I was working with know my plan of attack. I don’t talk to myself out loud all that much since I retired, but the thought process continues in my head just the same.


Talking to yourself insures you of an intelligent speaker and a good audience.

Now, if you start losing arguments with yourself…


I talk to myself too. Sometimes I pretend I’m two different people having a conversation. Sometimes I debate things, in which case I end up using someone as the person I’m arguing with. (Oftentimes a television host of some sort is who I’m ‘debating.’)

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Your OK. We all do it from time to time. You should hear me when someone cuts me off with their cars. Well…maybe not!

There are lots of reasons people talk to themselves. I only worry when people answer themselves! Be at peace.

No, it’s nothing to worry about:

While talking to yourself is often regarded a social no-no, possibly hinting at psychological problems, new research suggests that point of view may need revision. Scientists at Bangor University in the UK found talking to yourself out loud is not only be helpful but may indicate a higher level of intelligence.

The study’s participants were given written instructions and told to either read them out loud or silently. After measuring the concentration and how participants performed on tasks, researchers concluded that people were more concentrated and absorbed what they read better when doing so out loud.


I do it as well, especially when I’m trying to solve a problem. It helps me to “think it through,” aloud. :slight_smile:

I also talk to my cat. She’ll meow right back. :grin:


I think everyone does this to an extent. I wouldn’t worry unless you start replying to yourself. Sometimes I even talk to my dog (he doesn’t reply, unless it’s with a tail wag or lick). I’ve even been known to talk to my wife! :rofl:


I talk to the pets a bit ,a tiny bit to myself,more to Jesus and Mary
I would be cautious myself not to have angry talk with myself or even too much about anything.I keep in mind someday I might be cared for by other people when I’m elderly and wouldn’t want to be in a habit of say talking about people,talking angrily etc because it can make some people uncomfortable and private things might become known.


This is fine.

My mother suffered from psychosis and she used to talk alone, but she was convinced there were people around her. She was hallucinating.

Pretty scary to see a loved ones do that.

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It’s not strange. I talk to myself and God all day long too, because there’s nobody else to talk to most days except the cats, and they are often asleep.


I sometimes talk to our dogs, though nobody else in the family does. Most of them understand pretty well what I’m saying, too. Some of the time, anyway.

Nina is watching me as I write this, with a suspicious look in her eyes. She’s a smart dog, though she tends to get too anxious about things.


Unfortunately yes on the first part. I often have full conversations to myself when I’m not around people

I do but lately I am trying to cut down. I live alone. Sometimes I talk to Our Lord. Sometimes I talk to my cat AsLan Max. Thing is, I also answer back for him, in a voice I made up for him in the manner of a young child. :grinning: Sometimes I’ll talk back to a character in a movie on t.v. I guess it’s okay…all in the privacy of my home. It gives me a sense of company.

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In times of stress I do this, because I’m thinking out loud.

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I talk to myself and I also talk to god OUT LOUD!
But only when I know that there won’t be anyone listening to it as I don’t want anyone else to listen to the things that I would be saying. Most of the time it would be something thats better not known by anyone else.
I do this mostly because there’s no one else I could tell things to and even if I did no one would care. so I talk out things to myself and my god and it feels so much better that way :sweat_smile:

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