I Talked To My Priest Yesterday

Hello. :slight_smile: I was finally able to talk to my priest about my possible vocation. He told me that he will pray for me. He told me that I should continue to go to Mass weekly and study the Faith. He told me that when I am 18, I will be able to convert.


Congratulations as far as I know once your 18 you can do RCIA and be fully welcomed into the Church. Hope your vocation goes well :blessyou:

I am very happy that you could talk to your Priest! I will be converting after I turn 18 as well, which for me will be in 2 years. Can you tell I’m a bit excited? :smiley: I will keep you in my prayers. One thing I do want to tell you is to always remember to trust God, especially when you are in discernment for a vocation.

Much Love!

I am very happy you were able to do this. I will continue to pray for you. God bless you!

You are already in our hearts:hug3:

Why do you have to wait until you are 18 to convert? Is it because of your parents?

I’m very happy for you! And extremely impressed that you’re so calm since you have around 3 years to wait. I don’t know how I would take that… :slight_smile:

It is hard. I have a spiritual void in me because I am deprived of the Eucharist. But, I asked God to show me his will. This is his will. :slight_smile:

I bet it is. I originally wanted to say that you might want to consider attending the Mass daily if you can, but it would only be painful to watch people receive the Eucharist. I shall pray for you to maintain your strength and patience.

This is very hard. The reasons were different in my case, but I had to wait over three years to receive our Lord in Holy Communion. You will get through it. A few things helped me a lot. The first was the pastor telling me I should pray for spiritual communion when everyone else was going forward. Here is the prayer he taught me:

“I wish, Lord, to receive You with the purity, humility and devotion with which Your most holy Mother received You, with the spirit and fervor of the saints”.

The other thing that helped was my sponsor encouraged me to offer up my suffering for the conversion of those who don’t believe in the real presence. After that I started to feel like my pain might be a good thing.

Even though you feel deprived, I promise you this trial will help bring you closer to the Lord in many ways. I know that from my own experience. I cried and cried during that time. But, looking back on it, I can now see the Lord blessed me in so many other ways that I am truly grateful that my reception into the church was delayed for so long. Now if only I could learn to be thankful when I was in the middle of a trial. :slight_smile:

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