I think DH has a job!


Prayers that this doesn’t turn out to be another false alarm! But DH seems to have received a job offer from his interview last week. If he accepts, they want him to come in and fill out paperwork.

It’s not a great job - it’s a seasonal tax software support position that ends in mid-April at the latest, with guaranteed hour cuts and position cuts as the season wears on (so NOT stable in the slightest), and the pay is so low that we might be losing a tiny amount of money during the times and days when we both need to work due to childcare costs. However, we should be able to stagger hours a fair amount so that we aren’t overlapping too much, and hopefully save up some money so I can take a little time off when the baby comes (yay!) and so that we can pay our mortgage while I am out of work / on UI after my contract ends next March. It starts late December. And it means that he’ll have something on his resume after 2.5 years of being a SAHD! So hopefully the next job will come even easier!

I have no idea how we’ll make things work without a SAHP, but so grateful to have the opportunity to find out. It’s so funny that this offer comes after DH pretty much gave up on really looking for work, and just was submitting a few applications here and there out of habit.


I'll say a prayer it all works out for the best for your husband, you, and the children.


Great…this sounds promising! I hope that it works out. :slight_smile:


How wonderful! I hope that it all works out well, and will keep you in my prayers.


Awesome! Praying that this works out... even though it is only temp, not many people have job security in their jobs anyways, so at least in this case the cards are already on the table. Some extra paychecks and some extra resume material...all a plus.


Well, I've said a little prayer for you that this work out, and that moving forward your husband find more stable work. Always trust that the Lord will take care of you and your family!


Prayers for your husband and your whole family during these tough times!


Thanks for the prayers. I'm hoping we can find out hours and pay soon so that I can start working out how many more months we can expect to keep being able to pay our mortgage.

Just checked to see how many hours he needs before he'll qualify for UI when the job ends. He needs 680 hours - not sure if he'll get them in this job, but he might. And the two UI incomes together might cover our expenses until one of us can find something again (my contract ends March 15th, his job isn't expected to last past April 15th, so there's a good chance of $0 income for a month or two).

I wish DH could be a little more optimistic. He's very focused on how he doesn't think this "two income thing" is going to work. However, I do appreciate that he is keeping it under wraps unless asked and trusting me that we'll find a way, even though I know he doesn't really believe it's going to work (he's VERY much a pessimist). It's a lot of pressure on him to start this new job with me so pregnant and needing his help so much, but he's still trooping along towards the goal.

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