I think I am on the right track


So today I was very hesitant about attending the Discernment group. I actually got lost on my to the Church! I had a girl flip me off as I was driving erratically trying to find the Church. I finally found it. So as I walked in I was still a little hesitant. However The first thing I know is the smell coming off the room. The smell of Love, pure Love. Then I ask a fellow discerner why he became a Catholic and why the Priesthood? So he told me why. As he was telling me. I could hear the Joy of him becoming Catholic with Protestant parents. He was telling it with such joy and Conviction that I felt goose bumps. That is what really got me. As I remember it, the family atmosphere was so amazing! It had that smell that said Love is here. Then we talked about God Blessings. Oh man these young adults are so amazing! So I came home today to a Dad was pushing to get a job and he is not very nice sometimes. So we argued awhile, and I don't think he was happy to see the Priest book on the couch. I called my Mom and as I was telling her about Jesus and forgiveness and how God will not ever tell us no to him. I got a calm feeling. This was the Holy Spirit! I have hard with " him" sometimes but tonight amidst the arguing and the anger I heard him. Now I have a lot of time to discern since I am a junior and to decide whether I want children or not but, I no that I have to explore this option. The love I felt was nothing I had ever felt before.
Thank you and
God Bless!


What a wonderful experience; thanks for sharing it with us.
God Bless,


Yes, I agree with Mary -- thanks for sharing! :)

May God bless you with much grace and the gift to discern what He wants for you.

CEM :)


What an inspiration ! Will keep you in my prayers StephenL.


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