I think I did this right - scrupulosity, good priest

I went to confession on Saturday with a priest I have talked to often recently. He told me it’s not good to go to confession TOO often.
Today I was tempted. I did something I thought might have been some kind of sin. There was confession available at the church in the town where I live (where they don’t have scheduled confessions very often, that’s maybe the main reason I have been going to another church for confession).
But it would kind of have felt wrong to now, just three days after my last confession, go to another priest, even thought hat priest knows me and my scrupulosity well too.
But I decided to instead go by the monastery where the other priest (that I talked to Saturday) lived and ask him.
And it turned into a really good conversation! He said yes, it’s better if I don’t go to confession too often since that can foster scrupulosity, maybe once every 2 weeks or once a month would be good. And that no, what I did (or didn’t do) today wasn’t a sin, no big sin in any way. I could mention it at my next confession but neededn’t confess it especially. We also talked about how concentrating on “little things” like that can prevent one from being able to be a source of joy and love for others (I said that myself, I have felt it many times).
In the end he just gave me a blessing.

I think I did the right thing by going to talk to him. First I was embarrassed, but he was really nice.:slight_smile:


Sounds like good advice. Maybe this priest can be a SD and confessor for you, but sticking with one priest, that you feel the Holy Spirit is guiding, will turn out to be a source of peace for you. Tim

Kathrin, I’m glad to hear about your experience! You did just the right thing. I agree with Tim - you should think about sticking with just this priest.


Speaking of good or not so good priests, can someone please tell me if I’m way too sensitive?

I am a Minister of Communion , and while purifying the holy vessels
after mass this morning, I told the priest: " Father, you know some Catholics are concerned about shaking hands at mass because of the swine flu". I said it just for conversation sake. I was taken aback when he said: “Well, they don’t have to shake hands…and anyway there’s no swine flu in this area.(NJ) Maybe if they are in the Philippines, they should be concerned.” I am originally from the Philippines (and there are no reports of swine flu cases there). But isn’t that so tactless of him to say that, coming from a priest who had just said a mass?

I just let it pass but , sometimes it’s so hard to be humble!

I didn’t mean that some priest aren’t good or guided by the Holy Spirit, just meant how the OP is sensing it with her current confessor and how that can be a source of God given peace for the scrupulous. Tim

I am so sorry! My post had nothing to do with your reply. I just needed to tell someone about what my pastor did and said to me this morning.
I was upset and when I saw a thread that was discussing about good priests (or not), I found a place where I could vent. If I don’t vent,
I probably would tell my friends at the church how tactless our pastor was and I don’t want to do that.

It’s ok, I just wanting to be clear. I vent all the time. You might have a better response posting in the Liturgy section as I don’t know the GIRM concerning cleaning vessels. Tim

It’s not about cleaning of the vessels.

The priest insulted my home country. He was saying that in the Philippines, people should be concerned about shaking hands and swine flu, not in New Jersey. He knew I am a Filipino. What did he mean by saying that?

I know, I should just get over this…

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