I Think I Found the Original Guy Who Theorized That the RCC = Babylon


Or at least one of the first theorizers. You’d be surprised how many argue that Catholicism is some sort of Babylonian satanism or whatever. :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:


Dude…you need to look more closely.


Not everyone has been at this site since 2004, you know! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: That’s cool! That’s probably why Our Lord got me here. To be your servant. :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind going OT for a minute, where are you from? La?

If that meant “Lower Alabama” you’d be almost right. (N.W. Florida panhandle).:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

Ha. I live in Northern Louisiana. While I am not directly affected by Hurricanes, my fellow Louisianians are affected every single year. So when you said “Hurricane Alley,” I wondered.

:thumbsup: Preferably at the Franciscan Spirituals of (IIRC) 1260-ish.

Hislop came to the idea very very very very… very very very very late in its history. **That **identification was not his great theory. :slight_smile:

identification was not his great theory. :)Would have to be about that period, since St. Francis was born in 1225.

Thanks for the link and the topic. I’ll be reading up on this in the next couple days. :thumbsup:

Ah…not born; died - almost. :slight_smile: (Given that Innocent III encouraged him, who was Pope from 1198 to 1216.)

St. Francis was born in 1182, & died in 1226. And was canonised very soon after. (Unless, of course, modern scholarship has found reason to revise things, as is its way; but those are the “traditional” dates anyway.)

The edition of his book to read is probably the one in the books section at

*]**philologos.org **
[/LIST]It’s not an “anti-Catholic” site - it happens to include a book that is; which is not the same. That edition has the advantage over most other editions of the book that I’ve seen on the Net (there are a lot of them :)) of including the sixty-one illustrations. The importance of these is that they perform the function of illustrating points made in the text.

To find the three prefaces to the book, go to:
[/LIST]The second preface is helpful in explaining the author’s method in constructing his argument. There are hundreds of notes to support the argument - 1,027 according to the German edition of 1997; but relatively few are reproduced in the edition at that site: or many others.

Maybe that will help, maybe not. :slight_smile:

His book from 1849, “The Red Republic”, was also available - the site is being reconstructed. It is reviewed on pages 363-365 of this:
[/LIST][/size]Page 365 asks questions that many Catholics ask - the review is rather sympathetic to them.

The original guy was Martin Luther in his book, “On The Babylonian Captivity Of The Church”.

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