I think i had enough of the show BONES

Is one thing is having the main character as an atheist its another to have that character talk down to anything Catholic like its for stupid people or anyone that believes in God some how is dumb and uneducated, even the X-files didn’t bad mouth the Church like this show does. :mad:

You clearly don’t pay attention to the character of Booth, then. Though he’s a sinner, like all of us, he holds onto his Catholic faith. The show deals with the tension between science and faith, and handles it fairly well, I think.

I agree with this assessment. He is your usual semi-catechized Catholic. Every time he is put in a position to defend his faith to Temperance, she seems to soften and he seems to learn something. I find it a very realistic portrayal of some of the dynamics and balance of science and faith.

Besides like all true scientists, the women have cleavage down to their navels, wear perfect makeup, and wear designer clothes, and they sleep around with men or women.

And they get DNA results back really fast.

The only crime show worth watching is Dr. G.

the problem was not just this episode its the whole show, when it comes down to religion in particular The Church, the main character always has something offensive to say about Catholics so am just gonna watch fringe and my old x-files re-runs cause i like a lil sci-fy in my tv diet…LOL :shrug:

Has it really gone to that? I quit watching when Ms. Scientific (the lady who thinks plastic surgery is barbaric) was okay with sex changes and insisted that dead men be called she (think of it like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly).

Way too much PC for me.

You can’t honestly expect every Catholic character in every television program and movie to be presented in a positive light or not receive any criticism, can you? That seems kind of like whitewashing reality. No, it’s not ideal. But if we go around ignoring reality (even as depicted in fiction), we can never achieve that ideal.

Plus the character Bones’ attitude towards religion is a LOT milder in her anti-religion attitude than the atmosphere of some entire episodes of Fringe and X-files.

i’ve watched every episode of fringe and not once has there been something offensive said about the church and just left alone, there once one episode where Bishop argued with a priest but the priest stood his ground on his believes but it didnt go over board like in bones, and on xfiles Dania Scully has always been the counter balance to the negativity towards the Church even tho shes a scientist her faith always is a factor on the show.
bones on the other hand there is no counter balance and at the end of each show they leave it as the kookoo scientist chick is always right, even in the Christmas show, no prayer at her house what so ever even tho it was Christmas they where celebrating, a lil respect towards the Church would be nice, you know :rolleyes:

Its funny, I’ve just started watching Bones, came across it the other week when someone’s remains were found during a Civil War re-enactment and I stayed to see how it all turned out. I usually hate to watch police/forensic procedurals, but I really like this one, mainly because of the great dialogue. It’s like watching a forensic version of When Harry Met Sally, constant witty back-and-forth. Yeah, there’s a lot of unrealistic stuff, but it’s fiction, and I know that cases in real life don’t get solved that quickly. And the real versions of these people don’t often look quite that good. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the anti-Catholic sentiment on the part of the main character, I think it’s neatly balanced out by the other guy, Booth? (I’m still learning everyone’s names). So far, from what I’ve seen, for every anti thing she says, he pops back with a pro.

It is sad that logic and science are being portrayed at the opposite end of faith. Between House and Bones and many other “genius” shows there is a hostile and elitist attitude toward faith. Remember kids the smart person is an athiest!

Or Cold Case Files. Too bad Homicide: Life on the Streets got canceled, very realistic cop show.

The lead character on that show does bug me. But Booth is one of a few Catholic characters on TV. He admits he’s not perfect all the time. He wanted to marry the mother of his son but she didn’t want to. He feels that his job as an FBI agent helps him atone for the lives he took when he was a sniper for the Army.

It’s one of my favorite shows on TV,

The lead character (Bones) is a pure scientist who speaks out against anything that can’t be measured or proven with science. She even beats up the resident psychiatrist because she doesn’t think of it as science. Her opinion is that everything has a measurable aspect that can be proven in a lab.

Booth is also portrayed a decent, hard working man who tries to balance his faith with his job.

Their interaction is often witty and comical with neither side being given precedence by the writers. I actually think it’s very fair in how it portrays the Cattholic Church.

Hmmm, I didn’t realize that Bones was so anti-Catholic until now. I watch it occasionally but I think I’ll be boycotting it from now on.

I have only watched one or two episodes of this show and not all the way through. But one was about dog fights. And they had to kill one of the vicious dogs. The main characters felt sorry for it and gave it a burial. The man ask if the women would she like to pray over the grave and she said she didn’t believe in G-d. And he said well pray to the universe or some such and she got all politcally correct about the fate of the poor dog and said something on it’s behalf to the universe. That was it for me, don’t care to watch it anymore.

If you’re expecting every episode to focus on the Catholic way of doing things you’ll be disappointed. However, if you look at the season and focus on in the Catholic vs non-Catholic items you’ll see that Booth is a normal Catholic. He believes, he has faith, but he faulters occasionally. When he does faulter he works to get himself back on the right path. Part of his journey is defending and explaining his faith to Bones who is so scientific about everything that she can’t (or at least couldn’t at the beginning of the show) comprehend anything that can’t be absolutely defined by science. You’ll see that as time has gone on Bones is much more open to Booth’s faith and tries to understand it. Sure she does so sometimes by mocking or by saying that science is superior but the overreaching theme is that she continually tries to understand and he continually tries to increase his faith. Nothing overtly anti-Catholic there.

I love the show, it’s one of my favorites. Her character had a rough life with everyone abandoning her and she turned to science which is logical to her. There was an episode recently where she asks Booth if the recent case shook his faith at all, and he said, ‘honestly, yes.’ and she asks what is he going to do now, he replied, ‘he was going to go home and lay in his bed and get his faith back.’ She then asks if he always gets it back, and he says yes. She then tells him that science is like that for her, whenever something shakes her faith in science she searches until she sees the facts supporting science.

There was also an episode a while back where someone refers to there being no creator and she said that there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the likelihood that there is a creator. She just doesn’t have the scientific evidence to support that the creator is the same creator in any one religion.

But the show is not for everyone.

I just began tuning in to Bones and am burning my way thru the dvd’s at a rapid pace. So I am only current to the end of season 4.

That being said I have found the character of Booth to be an example of a good Catholic. Bones does not share his faith, but she shares no faith at all other than science. Part of the underlying theme is that the character of Booth, thru his emotional humanity and his Faith are helping her to connect with people and with herself. He is helping to heal her lifetime of abandonment issues.

Face it, Bones has the ultimate in daddy issues. These types of feelings in real life lead many to distance themselves from God. The character is written true.

Just like the character of Booth is written true as a Catholic believer who has had his onwn share of trauma in his life.

Bones makes cold statements that express her own anti-faith but she hasn’t belittled Booth for believing and actually seeks to understand it as part of his humanity.

The interactions are not always resolved, sometimes they are just small character bits, but that is the way it is in life. If you want a catholic tv show then you are going to have to tune in to ETWN, but for primetime major network it is good stuff.

Isn’t she supposed to have Asperger’s Syndrome?

She doesn’t understand humour, she has bad social skills and she doesn’t deal well with abstract concepts. She’s not so much anti-Catholic or anti-religion as completely baffled by anyone believing in something they can’t see or measure.

The thing with the show “House” thought (I do find that show to be quite excellent), is that as smart as House is, he is incredibly, incredibly flawed. And there have been intriguing episodes where people that appear “dumber” than House in the end teach him valuable lessons.

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