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Hello, I posted about this under Liturgy and Sacraments (considering this is a sacrament) not realizing there is a whole section dedicated to vocations, so I am greatly sorry! But to my question. So I am a 16 year old who is in high school, and my parents and I are starting to talk about my future. However I really think I might want to be a priest! I mean there is just something about the priesthood that grabs my interest, plus it just feels right. I really never see myself living a family life, and I really want to a live a life fully dedicated to Christ. I have been praying to God asking him if this is what he wants me to do. This is a big commitment and I know I have a few years to see if this is truly right for me, but any advice at how I can go about such a calling at my age would be appreciated. Whether there are any programs I can get involved in, or if you have any tips! Whatever it is I am all ears! I want to get in contact with my parish priest but I am not sure if I will be able to considering he is our only priest and very busy.



Go to the website for your diocese and look for the “vocations” section of the site. What you’ll want to do is get in touch with your diocese’s vocations director, and see what events and programs they have for priestly discernment.




Don’t worry, talk to the Priest. He will make time for you, make an appointment or something. Priests just HAVE to be concerned with vocations, it HAS to be a priority. Don’t hesitate to contact him.

Feel free to drop me a message. I’m 16, Scottish, and discerning the Priesthood. I have one year left of High School which would possibly then lead me into seminary. I’m happy to talk with other young discerners! Pray for me!

Deus, Salus Nostra :gopray2:


Hello Tyler.

I second Gorgias’s statement. Get in touch with your diocesan vocations director. If you are called to be a priest, there is still the question of whether you are called to the regular or secular priesthood, and, if regular, in which order. Moreover, I’d presume at your age that you’re also thinking about university. You’d do well to let the VD guide you in this regard.

I’d make an appointment to speak to your parish priest as well. In order to discern appropriately, spiritual direction is necessary. Let him take account of your devotional life and make the recommendations he must. As he’s likely the priest who knows you best, his recommendations and judgments should be carefully heeded.

One thing I would recommend to anyone discerning the priesthood though, is regular Eucharistic adoration. The priest exists for the sake of the sacraments, most notably the Holy Eucharist. Do not hesitate to develop a strong love for and devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.


Hi Tyler,
I would like to give you a tip: pray daily on intercession of the virgin Mary and if it is possible, pray the rosary daily.


The life of a priest is to be conformed to Jesus as priest and as victim. Your life will be poured out for many as a ransom in union with Christ. Are you willing to go that far?

You must be close to the Heart of Jesus as a priest. His consecrated and priestly souls are very dear to Him. A desire to be a priest is a holy desire; cherish it and nourish it.

Start praying about it now. Perhaps say an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be for this intention every day from now on.

Talk to a priest; pray the Rosary every day; go adore the Lord in the Tabernacle as much as you can; go to mass every day if you can; go to confession often; do spiritual reading; pray the morning offering; examine your conscience at night, even if only briefly; honor the Lord’s day. You said you wanted to live a life fully dedicated to Christ. Start now!



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