I Think I Have a Vocation


I have posted many times on here before about my possibly receiving a call to the priesthood. I am 16 years old.

My family who are Catholic really want me to and see me being a Diocesan priest one day. I have met with many, many priests including their diocesan vocations director (who really wished I was in their diocese) who gave me a blessing for my calling in life; a few other priests; and a blessing from their bishop for my possible vocation.

I obviously want to follow wherever God wants me in life but I just don’t know what to do because I am really drawn between being an attorney and being a priest. I know I would do wonderful in either path but I just don’t know.

I have been reading through the book To Save a Thousand Souls and it is kind of helping me but this is just such a huge decision.

I pray the rosary daily and usually a few hours of the LOTH as well. I even have my own little mini-altar going in my room and closet here with crucifixes hanging on every wall in my room.

If there are any books or devotions or saints you can recommend me to or you could send to me by mail or whatever, I would be very grateful.

Also, if there are any priests who would be willing to talk with me about this, message or email me.

Thank you all so very much and God bless!


Check into Fr. Michael Scanlan. In his book on discernment he writes about when he felt called to the priesthood (I think while walking across campus at Harvard.) He told God “yes” but first he wanted to go to (or finish) law school. Later he writes about discerning being called to the religious life and how he chose the Franciscans instead of the Jesuits.

I will pray for your vocation.

The book is titled, What Does God Want? but here is link to what it is about in a nutshell by the author himself Nine Ways to Open Up God’s Will For You.

The bishop in my diocese was a lawyer so it is possible to be a priest and an attorney.
I would look into religious orders because many allow you to be a priest and specialize in another career. For example the Jesuits have priests who are also scientists, doctors, teachers, actors, etc.

Hope your vocation and discerning go well

From a fellow discerner to the priesthood

Pray. Especially the rosary

What does “not yet Catholic in sacrament mean?” If you aren’t yet Catholic, you are going to have to wait. Plus, most of the time you don’t even enter seminary until after college (though usually the Church will pay for college).

Torn between Hell and Heaven? Well, you’re not the only one!

The church needs lawyers, ESPECIALLY now. With the attacks the Church is receiving from government all over the world and are about to receive in the US, I think the Church will need more Lawyer Priests who know Cannon Law and Civil Law

Maybe it’s God’s plan that you fee the calling for both… Maybe God wants you to defend the Church???

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