I think i ignored God's help for me


I have an illness and over the years I’ve been in secular counseling more times than I care to count. I have become disheartened with the whole process after not being able to find anyone that could help me. I quit going to counseling about a year ago. It was very expensive and very exhaustive for something that wasn’t working!!!

I know in my heart that I cannot overcome this illness without the help of God!!! I had resigned myself to the fact that He would have to heal me Himself without counselors or otherwise there was NO HOPE FOR ME!!!

WELL, HERE’S WHERE I SCREWED UP: About two months ago, I was talking to my pastor about my illness. He recommended a spiritual counselor for me to talk to. He felt like this counselor, whom he knows personally could help me. He gave me his number but I chose not to make the appointment.

After many times of him suggesting that I call him; I finally did so. I spoke to the counselor on the phone a couple of times and even made an appointment!

I’m ashamed to say that when it got close to appointment time I rescheduled and then ultimately cancelled on him with no intentions of ever really going. (Honestly, my thoughts were at that time that he couldn’t help and it would be a waste of both of our times!) I realize this is unhealthy thinking now!

My pastor asked me once again if I went and when I told him I cancelled; he ENCOURAGED me to reschedule!!!

It’s been apx. a month since I cancelled those appts. and now I have this horrible “gnawing” feeling inside of me telling me that I’ve made a horrible mistake!!!

I realize that this spiritual counselor may very well have been the answer to my prayers after all of these years!!! I just blew God off!!!:banghead: :banghead:

The counselor is probably so disgusted with me after not keeping TWO appointments that he wouldn’t even bother to call me back to allow me to explain myself!!!:frowning: :frowning:

What if anything can I do at this point??


You can call and reschedule your appointment. Just because you cancelled twice doesn’t mean you can’t go now. If this counselor is a good one, he’ll understand your concerns about seeing him in the first place, so don’t worry. He isn’t there to judge you, he’s there to help you.

God is still waiting for you to turn to Him. It’s not too late! If you feel like you lost your chance before, don’t lose it again. Call and maybe this person can help you.

Praying for you now. God bless you! :crossrc: :hug1:


I don’t understand about “secular” psychologists. Psychologists and Psychiatrists can be Christian and/or Catholic too! When you look for one of these, ask them if they are Catholic, in order to decide who to go to. Maybe you are cancelling the spiritual counselor, because in your heart you know you need the person whose expertise in in mental problems rather than spiritual. Or in any case, that is what you feel more comfortable with, and God works through everyone and anyone. But someone of your Faith may have insight that another does not. Also, someone who has a doctorate can prescribe medication if needed. Spirituality can be manipulated by one’s mind, and, after all, with you and others praying for you, God will heal you. I would suggest attending healing Masses, perhaps accepting the Sacrament of Anointing when it is offered, or ask for it special. Our problems can be a mixture of spiritual, mental and emotional. If you are attending Mass and receiving the Sacraments, praying, perhaps making an extra effort, I can’t understand why you would need a spiritual adviser, beyond Confessional advice. For those people in the ministry, they would have one.


I am sorry I didn’t explain myself completely…The counselor that my pastor recommended has a degree in mental health but he also happens to be a deacon in a church as well. I don’t benefit from counselors who want to place the blame on others for my problems. That has not been helpful to me since I do not see myself as a victim. I need healing and it needs to be spiritually.


Thanks belle: I will call him and leave a message apologizing for not keeping my appointments and ask him to please reschedule. When I cancelled the last time I left a message on his machine for him to call me back but he never returned my call that’s why I feel he’s upset.


I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful in anyway to counselors and I hope I didn’t come across that way. I’ve just struggled so long with this illness that I had given up on the fact that I could ever be healed.

After giving it a lot of thought I realize I have to trust in God and quit doubting that it is possible for a healing for nothing is impossible with God. I need to trust him whether I am healed or not; but I feel like I may have missed another opportunity now since I cancelled these appts.:blush:


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