I think I know what my vocation is

My vocation is to marriage and to the priesthood.

So I’m going to trust in God to lead me to them. :thumbsup:

I think the vocation forum might be a better place for this thread than the spirituality forum.

Just so you know, we can feel a call to the priesthood but until the call actually comes from the Church there is no way to fully know if one is called to such a vocation.

Unless you are an Eastern Catholic I find it highly unlikely that you would be called to both marriage and the priesthood as Latin Catholics can not be called to both.

I do not believe that God calls people to a vocation that they can not possibly serve in.

I am aware that it is only a matter of discipline that does not allow a Latin Catholic to have both vocations but it is still not possible without a change to that discipline.

Stating this is almost the same as a woman saying that she knows her vocation is to the priesthood. It just is not possible.

While it might change sometime in the future in the Latin Church, as it stands now it is not possible.

I know if I become a priest, I’ll desire a wife. I know if I become married, I’ll desire to bring my wife to Jesus. So you see I’m confused. But maybe its because I’m too stupid. I don’t know. I’m giving up on trying to figure it out and just trust in Jesus. He knows what’s best. :slight_smile:

You can continue to discern. As I said I do not believe that God will call you where you can not go but I also believe that God will show you where you are called to be.

Have you thought about the diaconate?

Old chap, I get the impression you’re led around by whatever spiritual impression you get in your emotions or inspiration. Especially the positive stuff.

Until you shake that, and pay attention to reforming your interior life to become someone to do stuff based on logic and prudence, who defies spiritual inspirations, you’re going to be in for a lot of trouble.

I can say it appears to me at least clear aren’t ready for the priesthood or marriage. :slight_smile: If it is to be someday, it’ll be when you’ve put quite a few more years on you.

**Yes He does! ** Food for thought: Priests become another Christ and their bride becomes the Church…(CCC)


Maybe you have a calling to be a permanent deacon? In most dioceses they are married men who felt a pull to also serve God in Holy Orders. You must marry first though, if you become a deacon first you are called to never marry.

/me hands you a copy of Imitation of Christ.

Work on the interior so that you can find and listen to God’s will and not your own.

I’ll check out the deaconhood! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the suggestion, everyone :slight_smile:

What makes you think that “bringing your wife to Jesus” requires that you be ordained?
For that matter, you could be ordained-- as a deacon?

As others have said, pursuing both marriage and priesthood is currently impossible in the Roman church. While this might change in future, I would not wait around for that, as it has been the rule for nigh on 1,000 years.

If “desire for a wife” is that strong for you, I would take that as a sign you are not, in fact, called to a vocation wherein one cannot presently have a wife. One does not need a Roman collar to lead someone or many someones to Jesus.

Wait…I don’t have to be a clergyman to lead my wife to Jesus?


Who says that you will need to lead your wife to Jesus at all?

:yup: If He does want you to marry, maybe He’ll want you with a woman who brings you closer to Him!

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