I think i managed to upset someone at mass

I had to remind myself the other day that humility is the mother of all the other virtues. A nice old timer felt sorry for me when I was having a hard day at mass with the kids (they were very trying!) I really felt like refusing thinking " She shouldn’t feel sorry for me because of ALL THOSE KIDS" lol

Then I thought who am I to judge her for her generousity? I took the offered money and I felt so good, like I won a prize!

My aunt was in a wheel chair most her life, she had a house and a job ect. the hardest thing for her to do was to be the focus of some well meaning persons PITY. She had a good response though she would say, “Thank you very much( for the $) , I know someone who could really use this.”

It is harder to receive than it is to give, we should remember that and keep it casual when we offer charity.

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