I think I may be called to be a Redemptoristine

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I thought for some time that I wanted to be a Carmelite when my health improved, but I think it may quite possibly be to a Redemptoristine vocation. This is quite surprising for me as the Redemptoristines here in Australia only have 3 nuns and they are all over 45.
This is the site a woman made for them
They interest me because they live a “Viva Memoria” always thinking during the day of some part of Christs life. Venerable Maria Celeste the founder wrote the rule incorporating aspects of the Carmelites and Visitation orders. I must admit when I visited for a few days I felt an extraordinary peace there and I grew quite a lot spiritually.
At 3pm daily they lay on the ground with arms extended imploring mercy for sinners. Then they meditate on the Passion of Christ. They have weekly Confession and I think they have the Extraordinary form sometimes. They have a daily holy hour and they pray the Divine Office 7 times a day. They also do spiritual reading, daily examen, mental prayer and Lectio Devina. They fast on Fridays but still eat a small amount and every Friday they also have Benediction.
It was a beautiful place from what I saw when I visited I even saw kangaroos on the grounds and a big rabbit.

I think I want to go back there for another retreat!!

**I will pray for You!!

Happy to hear this!**

Thank you kindly.
Also I think they have weekly Confession on a Friday too :slight_smile:

would you be interested in any of these two community, both have a good number and young people.




Thanks for the link but I think I will probably stay in Australia.

God bless you :smiley:

Bad news, the Redemptoristines are under canonical prohibition because there are only 3 nuns and none trained to do formation for entrants. So they cannot take women they are not sure what is going to happen to them :frowning:

I am not sure what canonical prohibition is,but i hope the convent will not be put into closure. Would it be possible that their other sisters from other convent could join them?

I have no idea. The Mother Prioress does not know what is going to happen :frowning:
It’s so sad as they have a great charism.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


what you need to do, then is ask the superior if you could be put in touch with other vocational discerners to their monastery, and see if you could meet together, probably on the
internet, and then draft a letter to the congregation in rome in charge of religious, asking for the prohibition to be lifted.


Being in Australia, this might hold some interest:

This has been a concept that has long been in my mind and is for lay celibate single women - while at this point it is a concept that is developing ‘on my feet’ as it were. Catholic divorced women with or without an annulment (no dependants) who have never remarried would be accepted, dependant of course on circumstances, as would a woman with a disability dependant again on circumstances. One could retain one’s workforce position or be on some form of government benefit. If one is on a government benefit, some form of voluntary work and also ironing for extra income would be expected -although only once weekly for ironing and twice weekly for voluntary work

I have also been quite saddened by the lack of sighting a religious habit on South Australian streets. And while the standard dress in my way of life would not resemble a religious habit, the fact that (at least) two women are dressed the same wearing a silver cross on a leather thong and a commitment ring on the wedding finger would indicate commitment to Catholicism. Much as the veil for Islamic women indicates committed religious women.

I have been living this same way of life for 30 years now. I began living it while divorced (not my choice) and still in the workforce (private secretary). Some 6 years after my divorce, an annulment of my marriage was granted. Under a previous director (priest theologian and lecturing in our seminary then)and in my early years, a rule of life was written but then left on a bus stop and lost. My now director feels I will bring more experience to the table by writing a Rule of Life 30 years further down the line of living the life - and he is quite right. My now director is a priest and superior in his religious order and has had long experience as a novice master also.

At this point, I am really only looking for one of two single celibate possibly South Australian women to live the life with me. A standard type of attire will be worn as well as secular clothing retained. Initially, it would be best if these women lived the life and rule in their own home with regular meetings with me to revise how things are going. In my residence here, I can accommodate in two others (besides myself) in private bedrooms. If an acceptable person would like to try a live-in. We have a large community room and an oratory area. Hopefully, if I can get it off the ground, I can apply to have the Blessed Eucharist in residence, but this would be down the line (I think I would need to present to His Grace a stable form of life by at least two people - and a way of life with a consulting chaplain)- and providing I can get things RIGHT off the ground and the way of life is stable over a few years. If I can find one or two women to live the life with me, standard dress (‘habit’)would only apply (with secular clothing also).

I have grounds sufficiently large and beautifully developed so that we can find solitude for each other. I live in a very large modern unit with large grounds, 10 mins form the CBD with buses and all conceivable shopping in all directions. An extremely large Coles modern supermarket a 5 min walk from Bethany here. The unit here is in a lovely cul de sac, rather hidden away, with two other units. It is very private indeed and surrounded by 6ft high modern fences. There is a lovely pergola with roof outside the dining room doors - and with gas bbq. Lots of plants! Both other units are occupied by elderly women living alone and all properties are fenced with 6ft high fencing providing privacy. It is a HousingSA property and I am regarded as an excellent tenant. Weekly rent is 25% of weekly income with a ceiling rent amount. I am living in an affluent type of suburb rather than the poverty stricken suburb where I lived for 30 years this way of life.

It needs to be noted that I am not looking to form a religious order as we traditionally know them. My concept would retain our status as lay people and the standard dress or attire would not be a religious habit per se, but standard attire nonetheless with secular clothing retained (very light makeup and equally very light jewellery ok in secular dress). Secular clothing etc. allows one to blend in to any venue whatsoever we might choose to attend. However, the wide band sterling silver commitment band and sterling silver cross on a leather thong is worn at all times regardless, including with secular attire. This is my current stipulation or rule for myself. I am not looking to become a secular order of consecrated life either, rather to retain full lay membership. Private vows of simplicity of life, celibate chastity and obedience to any rightful authority would be made (the provision always is that The Lord and His Gospel, Teaching of The Church, transcends all laws and any authority).

I am looking at distributing Catholic material on city and suburban streets/shopping centres and letterboxes. As well as periodic trips away to country towns and interstate (this can be done cheaply and relatively cheap for interstate) for the same purposes. During these excursions, the standard dress would be worn. I am hoping to get some interest rustled up and from a person or persons interested in helping develop this way of life. It is primarily a simple life - very much a life of prayer and simple penance.
A dark blue scarfe tied behind the neck is worn at home, until and if some form of general acceptance is evident.

Some other details (I think) can be found in the Vocations Forum on this thread (Phatmass PHorum Catholic Discussion Site): phatmass…to-the-streets/

A private message to me is ok, although I do prefer questions etc. into a public thread as some do not like to ask questions and a PM prevents then finding answers possibly.

What TiggerS has proposed is a private lay association of the faithful without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life. The members who share living quarters are what’s known as a beguinage. You can do everything a religious order does to a certain extent–live in common; wear a distinctive garb that isn’t a religious habit; follow a plan of life; have a formation program; some kind of apostolate, be it active or contemplative; and make some kind of commitment that aren’t vows. Please be sure to have a spiritual director, as the historic beguines were condemned for heresy for lack of one. They got into all kinds of nonsense from lack of proper direction.

Statutes will be required, especially if you plan to seek non-profit status.

I will agree that this proposal does indeed meet a need in more than one way. May Our Lady shed her graces on it.


Thank you, Cloisters. Thank you too for asking Our Lady’s prayers to Her Son - Bethany prays under the patronage of The Meek and Humble Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of The Way and of The Streets and St. Joseph, Patron of The Church.
Certainly in the formal sense of Canon Law what I am proposing is a private association of the faithful and we are completely free in Canon Law to associate for spiritual and apostolic reasons. I don’t think the way of life could be called a beguinage, however (I would not use this term at all personally), although I don’t know much about them at all. Their downfall I think was due to the fact that there was no central authority in a beguinage and each had their own rule of life. The beguinines took their ‘freedom’ to illogical extremes and defied the Magisterium and were suppressed for this reason.

I have a spiritual director per se in a priest who is superior in his religious order with experience as novice master also.

What I am proposing will have
*]Formal Rule of life and Horarium, including governance of the association, all approved by a priest superior in his religious order
*]A written program of formation
*]Private vows to Simplicity of Life, Celibate Chastity, and obedience to rightful authority and this would include the rightful authority in Bethany (rightful authority covered in governance in the Rule of Life)
*]The primary apostolate is prayer and the spiritual Works of Mercy including simple penance (nothing dramatic). There would be a real emphasis on building community in fraternity both in Bethany and abroad.
[/LIST]A personal spiritual director is essential and there would be a priest visitor to Bethany 6 monthly for private interviews and then a written report submitted to all members - if things get off the ground and there is more than just me.

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