I think I might be bi

Hi everyone. I might be bi and its really messing with my mind. Me and my family are religious and I go to Church. I have no one to talk to about this because all of my family are homophobic. Will I go to Hell? Or is it only a sin if I act on it?

You will not go to hell for this if you don’t act on it. There are two possible sexual status to have in Christianity: chaste outside of marriage (not to use the sexual faculties at all for any reason willingly) and chaste in marriage (to use them in a unitive way open to life without violating God’s law). Having the attraction is not a sin in itself, giving in to lustful thoughts and actions is. Pray for deliverance from it (God can do this) and you’ll be fine. God bless you


There’s no sin in simply being bisexual. The sin would be if you actually have sex or something with a person of the same gender. But simply experiencing an attraction is not a sin.


I thought that, too. Turns out, I am just really bad with women.


VERY good response. And very charitable as well.

If you’re actually “bi” then that means you also have attraction to the opposite gender. In that case,you should be able to simply set the same-sex attraction part of you aside and focus on the opposite-sex attraction part of you.

Many if not most of us have experienced some type of “forbidden” sexual attraction in our life, whether the attraction was to a person of the same sex, a person married to another, a teenager under 18 when we were older, a priest, a religious sister etc. It’s also pretty common for people to have a couple of same-sex crushes in their life, especially when they are young. Just accept that any type of sex or relationship cannot happen, put it out of your mind, and move on.

If most or all of your attraction is only to the same gender and very little or none for the opposite gender, then that is more of a concern because it indicates you may actually not be bi, but gay. In that case you probably should talk to your priest.


I’m really bad with people. I have minimal social skills.

Someone once asked me if I was gay, since I didn’t have a significant other.

I answered that I’m really bad with people, especially men.


Nowadays with society being so sex obsessed, attraction to another person is always deemed to be sexual.

Attraction is not always sexual. The reason may be that you like, admire or respect that person in a purely platonic way.


Look up in your Bible 1 cor 10:13

and what if i only fancy girls and i am gay? then what? what would the priest say?

I think most people here know that I am on the autism spectrum, so there’s that. However, I try to be friendly, and courteous. But, I’m also incredibly opinionated. I’ll tell someone when they’re wrong.

Oddly enough, most of my friends are female. My best friend, however, is male. Same deal with him. I relate to women better (I was largely raised by my mother).

I too am on the autism spectrum.

That is awesome. One day, our people will rule the world. And EVERYONE WILL BE SOCIALLY AWKWARD.
(Okay, I’ll stop).


We cannot read the priest’s mind. You would need to converse with him. He might gather more info from you, give you some advice based on what you tell him, and maybe refer you to some resources.

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Do not worry. The attraction itself is not a sin. Acting on it is. Never despair of God’s mercy, confession is always there for you as well.

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You know, being bi sexual is not a sin. God looks at your heart.
This may pass as you get older. As a teen it is common. Strive to be a saint. We all do.
In Christs love

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It’s a sin if you have sex/date/marry someone of the same sex. In 1 Corinthians 6, God says that men who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God (and obviously the same is true of women who practice homosexuality). That doesn’t mean that God hates bisexuals or homosexuals, it just means that they are sinners who are in need of a Savior.

I’m a bisexual and I know that I love God. He loves all of His children, including those who experience same-sex attractions.

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We cant rate sins. If you were born around 2005 that makes you 13.

So with that learning and growing will make u closer to God and you will be able to answer this question yourself.
Meanwhile bring it up in confession.

You’re fine.

It’s normal to appreciate beauty everywhere. Don’t worry or obsess about certain disordered feelings of any kind that you might have. Let them go. And don’t label yourself! For goodness sakes, do NOT pigeon-hole yourself. Human beings have so many varied and different thoughts that are introduced into their heads. It doesn’t mean this makes them who they are as individuals. People grow and change, but their decisions to respond to their thoughts, to order their thoughts and their actions–that is what makes them who they are.

Direct your thoughts, your eyes, your goals on what is good, dwell on what is good. You’re ok! :grin:

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