I think I might be in a cult...

The local leader offers cult members private one-on-one sessions where legend has it he can mysteriously cleanse us of bad things we did… at the weekly gathering, all we cult members listen to stories from a REALLY old book… we repeat our 1600-year-old creed out loud, simultaneously… and then the leader feeds us the flesh and blood of a 2000-year-old man. You would think I’d want to run away screaming… and yet I find a strange solace in these bizarre rituals.

:confused: :slight_smile:

Sounds like my kind of people.

Holding… back… offensive comments… to the Watch Tower… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, :thumbsup: good on ya mate!

Thank you for making me laugh today!

And yet Scientology is called a cult :shrug: :rolleyes:

It’s wonderful, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Ha ha

Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard’s most enduring work of fiction. LOL

Seriously, though, there is a difference between a cult and a religion. It has to do with coercive and manipulative methods used to attract, manipulate and dominate adherents. It is no laughing matter.

And yes, it is within the realm of comprehension that some priest or bishop could go rogue and use cult methods to attract, manipulate, and dominate members in his congregation or community. There have been cases. It is the tactics and the twisting of theology necessary to employ them with a straight face, not the gross aspects of the creed, that turns a religion into a cult in the sinister sense of the word.

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